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  1. Round 2 New Clutch Master Fail Now onto new slave and 2nd Clutch Master What Fun!
  2. http://i650.photobuc...es/DSCN4781.jpg http://i650.photobuc...es/DSCN4776.jpg
  3. Relax, There is nothing to fear except a Wet Fart
  4. found this-http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/wagons/0204_volvo_v70/index.html

  5. 1998 V70 T5A sold

    2001 V70 T5M

    Stage 0 Done!,New Coil Pacs, Plugs, MAF, Ipd HD TCV, K&N Drop in, Tinted,Glow shift Boost gauge Retlashed ecu, New PCV, Stylin vac lines,Sconeman's Short Shift Kit.Top motor mount, new lower control arms, ball joints,ipd cbv 10 lbs spring, drivers side axel, alignment, abs mod, ipd poly trans mount, Conti Pro Contact

    next- try to find th...

  6. Finally replaced ; New lower control arms,bushings were completely shot, ball joints, old ones were still good, but,were replaced anyway,bump stops,Ipd CBV. While driving up on the alignment rack the drivers side axel grenaded,so new axel, and alignment. Matty Moo ABS module re installed.unfortunately stripped a bolt. anyone know the easiest way to get it out?
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    Tasca Order

  8. -Installed Sconeman's short throw shift kit - holy crap, this thing is amazing - anyone with a manual transmission car needs to pick this up ASAP. Even if you don't do any spirited driving, this makes shifting 10X easier. I recommend it to EVERYONE.
  9. "My drop down menu is also stuck open and my post editor is missing all the options that normally appear above the text field. Clearing the cache doesn't seem to help." +1 OS X 10.3.9 Safari version 1.3.2 (v312.6)
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    Go to Atlanta

    Pick up my "New"2001 V70 T5M!http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/index.php?app=calendar&module=calendar&cal_id=1&do=newevent&formtype=single#
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqEcLlp_Big
  12. Socialism, or is it really Multinational Corporate Facism? I really do not see any real improvement unless we dismantle the current form of political campaign funding. We have to have an equitable fair democratic public (VOTER) funded campaigns. We as a country must realise that we only have 300 million special intrests. Citizens must demand our democracy back, from the Corporate interests on K Street. Demand compentent, and decent representation of the people (taxpayers) of this country. That is a start. my 2 cents ftw.
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    V70 T5M

    Holiday Greetings