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  1. 15-20mm Get them both and use the other one on the rears.
  2. WOW and they don't let you have guns IIRC (except hunting rifles) Dam I though California was bad I intend on keeping what I have earned at nearly any cost. Better build a fall-out shelter while you can
  3. Get thunderbird Portable apps browser and other self contained files ;)
  4. :monkey: Seriously? We can probably thank the likes of L8Apex and friends for fuc*ing this up. Volvo Performance parts are now worth even less Well guess I have another reason to get started on my 500Hp Sti Wagon Hope this isn't the beginning of the end.
  5. It's a Great gun/round I really like the Hornady Hp ammo, nice deformation,clean cycling. so is a Kimber 1911 Get a Rubber Grip on it My girl can group 4in double taps from 20ft with it and if it's not your primary defense weapon , get a reduced re-coil spring better accuracy. A tactical light will help eliminate muzzle flip. The .40 is prone to this in Polymer weapon Oh and if you get a holster Nylon or leather will have a smoother draw. The molded holsters are nice, but may require some brake in period and a hair dryer to loosen it up and they are still very snug.
  6. http://calleridfaker.com/ :ph34r:
  7. Yeah his profile even mentioned financial woes.
  8. Welcome to Vs.

    Cute chick who Mods her Volvo

    Your more rare than a 95 T5R Yellow Wagon.

  9. AverageVolvo

    Me and my Baby 2

    Sexy. Car's not to bad either Cmon we were all thinking it. Welcome to the Club.
  10. BuMp Does anyone not realize SS on aluminum is semi-rare and nice looking.
  11. This is true. But it is barely noticeable on a T5 . I have Titans 27lbs and Td 17lbs, The Titans are actually better as the additional weight at the lowest point of the car helps avoiding wheel hop and gives the car a more neutral cornering feeling. Just my .2$ Anyways just my opinion, Spanky: sorry for cluttering your thread.
  12. * One-piece cast aluminum wheel with highly polished stainless steel face 25lbs, So lighter than pegs or titans. I guess if you have a Glt it would matter Nice rims Btw. Gl with the sale. A buddy of mine has them on his Audi, They look Sharp.
  13. Who am I ? How did I Get Here?

  14. Seems like a extremely Bonehead move, considering all Ny has been through. What is the backstory any reason for this???