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  1. 15-20mm Get them both and use the other one on the rears.
  2. WOW and they don't let you have guns IIRC (except hunting rifles) Dam I though California was bad I intend on keeping what I have earned at nearly any cost. Better build a fall-out shelter while you can
  3. Get thunderbird Portable apps browser and other self contained files ;)
  4. :monkey: Seriously? We can probably thank the likes of L8Apex and friends for fuc*ing this up. Volvo Performance parts are now worth even less Well guess I have another reason to get started on my 500Hp Sti Wagon Hope this isn't the beginning of the end.
  5. It's a Great gun/round I really like the Hornady Hp ammo, nice deformation,clean cycling. so is a Kimber 1911 Get a Rubber Grip on it My girl can group 4in double taps from 20ft with it and if it's not your primary defense weapon , get a reduced re-coil spring better accuracy. A tactical light will help eliminate muzzle flip. The .40 is prone to this in Polymer weapon Oh and if you get a holster Nylon or leather will have a smoother draw. The molded holsters are nice, but may require some brake in period and a hair dryer to loosen it up and they are still very snug.
  6. http://calleridfaker.com/ :ph34r:
  7. Yeah his profile even mentioned financial woes.
  8. Welcome to Vs.

    Cute chick who Mods her Volvo

    Your more rare than a 95 T5R Yellow Wagon.

  9. Sexy. Car's not to bad either Cmon we were all thinking it. Welcome to the Club.
  10. BuMp Does anyone not realize SS on aluminum is semi-rare and nice looking.
  11. This is true. But it is barely noticeable on a T5 . I have Titans 27lbs and Td 17lbs, The Titans are actually better as the additional weight at the lowest point of the car helps avoiding wheel hop and gives the car a more neutral cornering feeling. Just my .2$ Anyways just my opinion, Spanky: sorry for cluttering your thread.
  12. * One-piece cast aluminum wheel with highly polished stainless steel face 25lbs, So lighter than pegs or titans. I guess if you have a Glt it would matter Nice rims Btw. Gl with the sale. A buddy of mine has them on his Audi, They look Sharp.
  13. Who am I ? How did I Get Here?

  14. Seems like a extremely Bonehead move, considering all Ny has been through. What is the backstory any reason for this???