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  1. missing ikea cause of stupid spark issue .....



      try using iridium spark plugs

  2. hey i need some spoiler clips (the ones that go on the sides of the spoiler to hold it in place) you got any or know anyone who does?

  3. i put my car together after painting it... yeeeeeey
  4. such as Death to Mother or fedus is a parasite. other than that i think the idea , Oh i am just not ready for a child yet, is just a dumb excuse, cause they were ready to hop in the sack but not ready for the consequences. people dont understand the psychological implications of an abortion, its more than just an opinion or a "choice" people dont understand, that beyond the biblical reasoning, the BAD PART behind this "choice" is that people (not only women but men too) are left scarred for the "freedom of Choice....for life., much like a rape victem feels in in return this destroys our society. i just hope this is not what the saying "freedom has a price" means. thats my personal view on this issue that i wont argue with anyone.
  5. if u like that look up "thats my King" same guy i think that made that video, also a really cool way he did it using a vintage voice from a southern preacher.
  6. i think he would have sold both, buy one get one free type deal but thanks for your valuble input i concur!
  7. Saw and heard this message today, really made me think. just wanted to know what some of you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O68MByaMVdM