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  1. wassup, havent seen ya around town lately

    still in the wagon?

  2. Still gathering parts for that one day M66 swap...

  3. 1. No 2. Yes, and Chuck Norris for VP! 3. N/A 4. Yes
  4. Yup, $3.60 for 91 here in CO. It went up 20 cents from last Friday. To help off set the crazy prices I bought a 50cc scooter to drive to work on instead of the Volvo. It gets 120mpg.
  5. Starting to gather parts for an M66 swap!

  6. Good stuff! Does anyone have a diagram of all of the parts that the SAS system uses in the car? I'm ready to do the mod, but I'm not sure what all I get to remove, and where they are. Thanks!
  7. That's true, what should someone do if they are parting an entire car out?
  8. I agree that it was 50/50 chance to find a picture in the old style listings, but if you look now at the new system, there is still an alarming number of listings that don't have pics. It should be required to add a picture if you want to sell in the new system.
  9. Wow, $700 a month for a forum website?! Those servers better be made out of solid gold lol! :lol:
  10. I like the fact that the new system has a feedback star system like eBay, and I like having all of the info listed nicely about the buyer. But what is absurd are all of the fees, I like giving lots of pictures of things I'm selling, but I'm not paying extra for that! And who is getting all of the fee money and what are we getting out of it? How many other forums in the world have a system as complex and spendy as this? /<done>
  11. I just went through the fee list, doesn't look like I'll be selling much on VS anymore. I think the other lesser Volvo forums will be getting a big increase in sales traffic after this.
  12. Needs to clean some injectors.

    1. beewerks


      Cleaned them with an ultrasonic cleaner, they're money baby!

  13. My newer V70 waiting for a wash and the ol' 850 waiting to be sold.