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  1. rusheR

    Project 95

    I'll just add photos from Trevor here. Car will be for sale shortly. I already removed some of the rare parts off of it, but it's still a nice, well sorted wagon that needs nothing. Pics
  2. I'll just leave this here
  3. Titans et43 Titans etPerfect
  4. They are wrapped in satin silver vinyl. More photos in my FS thread
  5. Sure, but it comes with Pegs. And the rest of the wagon for only $5900
  6. Last 2 cars posted are hot as hell! My v70R is back for sale. Will make a for sale thread here later
  7. rusheR

    Project 95

    Thanks! That one was printed at local vinyl shop, but it was pricey You can get diecut banner here, and just make the sunstrip from regular vinyl yourself On another note, I recently got a wide set of Epsilons off Corvette, so I'll start on polishing lips and swapping barrels this week
  8. rusheR

    Project 95

    Thanks guys. That is the plan, there's the hole in the box for the venting tube, but I don't have one and didn't see any at PNP. Might have to make one myself
  9. rusheR

    Project 95

    Let's bring this up to date. Dealing with a bodyshop was a nightmare, after numerous broken promises I finally picked up my parts just to find out that the color is off. It's not that bad ,so I'm gonna have to live with it. Also found early 850 at the PNP that had rad support that is not fiberglass and is nice and smooth, looks much better than my old one. So took the front end apart. Again New one on top IPD prep cut and buff Good to go Badges will go back eventually Also installed these sidestripes and windshield sunstrip for IPD Garage sale So that's about it. Recently installed ARD NA tune and have been putting plenty miles on it since. I'm gonna have to replace both axles pretty soon, but otherwise it runs and drives top notch.
  10. Thanks man. It was still missing trim in my previous pic btw
  11. rusheR

    Project 95

    Time to update this. A lot have been done to the car and even though I had a pretty good reason to believe it might never run again, it does. And I successfully made it to IPD Garage sale. So I wanted to relocate battery to the trunk, and was planning to fit the box either outside or in the tire well, but I certainly liked Dougy's way, which allows to keep my spare and have all the trunk room -so that's what I did. Here it is: Kill switch doesn't work, so still have to work on that
  12. rusheR

    Project 95

    Yeah, I would want to agree with you there, but I still have 4 wheel lips I need to polish soon. Granted, it should be much easier, at least I hope so :) Uploaded some photos from my camera: Porting mani Cam cover is a nice charcoal color now Zinc plated stuff And a few of a work in progress While doing work found coolant reservoir sensor wires broken off, also there was no rubber seal on the old thermostat. Wasn't really surprised to find timing belt all cracked up at that point too, even though previous owner said it was changed recently when I bought it in '15. Not even sure if it was ever changed? Car has 160k on odo. Anyways ,just glad I caught it before it snapped. Sacrificed injector cover in hopes it would help to undo crank pulley bolt And Unorthodox Racing underdrive and OEM pulleys Want to drop in my beefy QBM endlinks, as D2 endlink broke on one side, but I'm missing one bolt on those. Anyone knows where I can get those tapered spacers thingies?