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  1. What happened to your yellow 854R?
  2. Oh nice, yeah nice kid. That would explain a lot I saw something about a VW on Adam's Facebook.
  3. So whats been going on lately? Kevin still rubbing dogs off in the back of a BMW dealership?
  4. ​Good on you! I know how much you like porsches.
  5. Drove the car with a MBC to trouble shoot the sluggish feeling.... DEF my stock BCS.
  6. Trick is getting to Carlisle with my current family situation
  7. That is the plan, I was going to do that before 2015 but school got in the way. When the weather gets better I am getting it detailed. No point right now with the salt and ice.
  8. I need to sell my 850R... I need to get motivated to sell my 850R... must sell to good home... must get more coffee
  9. I was going to go that route but the Flex has an adjustable handle bar which is good for me 6 foot + and my wife 5"9. I was able to get Toys R Us to price match Amazon and then take an additional 25% off because we traded in a rocker.. it was a steal at $430 Wife is happy, so I guess I am.