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  1. Drove the 850R. First time in about 3 weeks. Still very nice
  2. Sold the Verizon version and bought a T-Mobile version.
  3. 2014 has 5,000 lbs towing. Tow package was included in our pathfinder.
  4. It is bigger than the pilot. I sat in the new ones and the 2nd row was as small as the explorer. The 3rd row is easy access and you can get some seats back there http://carseatblog.com/22049/smooth-sailing-2013-nissan-pathfinder-kids-carseats-safety-review/ http://blogs.cars.com/kickingtires/2013/07/2013-nissan-pathfinder-car-seat-check.html Two links to reviews for the 2013, but it is the same for the 2014
  5. Pathfinder, Murano does not have a 3rd row from what I understand. Correct
  6. So far we love it. We are supposed to get 6-10 inches tomorrow so I have a feeling if we need to get out it will be easier than the 850 or Focus.
  7. I have two 24" at home and it is awesome to work on.
  8. 46" is for the family room, any bigger and it would be to close. 55" is in the bedroom. friend got a Samsung 65" for $1000
  9. 46" I wanted a 42" but I could not find one in our budget and under 3" deep
  10. Honestly, did you think it was going to go smoothly or at least better than this? Are there any govn't programs that come in at budget or just a little over and on time?
  11. http://www.businessinsider.com/house-obamacare-bill-vote-keep-your-plan-fred-upton-2013-11 What a fucking mess. ...and scumbags "All but three Republicans voted for the bill. And 39 Democrats broke ranks with the White House to vote for the bill, fearing a "no" vote could be politically damaging in the 2014 midterm election."
  12. He has improvements but will always have some issues. He still does triathlons and bikes a lot, his issues are mainly visual and I think some head injury stuff. The ACA would not have been perfect for him.
  13. I believe he had cobra (that was a fight), he was let go from his job. My family had to help out with the bills that cobra did not cover. He is and forever will be on SS Disability until retirement I believe.
  14. Well I think there should be a baseline health option for everyone that revolves around catastrophic events. I also thing pre-existing conditions is a great option and mandate.
  15. No, that is why I think we need better health care/coverage but the ACA is not the way to go.
  16. I am streaming now, So if he says you can keep your old plan.. that is him back peddling because he and his administration fucked things up. They want to figure this shit out but they had 3 years to do that. I am not 55 but this is something that is affecting my brothers and other family members so it is affecting others in this country with those requirements. The ACA is stating what is a requirement. The insurance companies that are part of the ACA are saying "well we dont offer those requirements in those plans, so we will drop those plans and give them other options, they might be more expensive, but we are OK with that". Most of the country that has a healthcare exchange (federal or state) dont nearly have the offerings of health insurance companies that they used to. In rural areas you might have 2 options and they are showing to be a substantial increase in premium and deductibles.
  17. lol Shop, all the plans that are offered to me and my family are 3x more expensive than what I have now. It is the fact that what I had before I can not get because of the requirements of the ACA. That is what my company sent out to all the employees. The requirements in the ACA do have some shitty requirements. Why would a 55 year old man need to have maternity coverage on his plan? It is the ACA (government) that put those requirements in that are making the insurance company's drop people plans because they dont meet those requirements.
  18. The plan was never there. Typical gov't spending. Throw money at it but not have a plan or the proper people in place to carry it out. I believe we need something, just not the ACA. Mike, what is your opinion on Obama saying 20+ times to the public about keeping their plan if they like it and Dr if they like them? We are in Open Enrollment with my employer and and my plan that I loved is no longer being offered. My plan is called the same thing but it different now. Granted the premium only went up $15, but my deductible went up 300% and now I have 10% coinsurance responsibility.
  19. Sweet, looks like the ACA is doing an amazing job so far!