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  1. Shipped with tracking #, I get them tomorrow. I am keeping mine, my wife does not want the 2nd one.
  2. Well I am reading that Amazon is cancelling some of the orders because of a "price mistake". Mine has not been cancelled yet, so I might not ever get them.
  3. Actually got the BF4 for Xbox, I will sell for what I bought it for plus shipping, just PM me. So I guess $25
  4. But you are assuming that people have insurance on those assets.
  5. I agree. But people dont educate themselves or dont care or dont have the opportunity. Shit, I bet the majority of people uninsured could not tell you want a deductible is.
  6. Well what if the person can't quit their job over pay or quit it over Health Care? that is the case for a lot of people in the US. I think the fact that a lot of people dont know how it will affect them or their business is a sign that this should have been pushed back and/or reconfigured. HHS says that millions of people have gone to the site but have they said how many people have signed up?
  7. Mike, How do you feel about providers dropping people from their health plan because it does not meet the requirement of the ACA? The option for those people would to go to the exchange find another plan which most likely would be more expensive?
  8. I looked at the Gold package that is similar to mine... $1300 more a month than what my employer offers. (different) but still crazy
  9. Sooooooo... anyone have numbers on what their health insurance was before and what their options are now? I am wondering how mine are going to change with my employer (even though they say it should not change )
  10. noticed oil filter leaking oil onto the driveway... wtf
  11. Ah ok, I will see how it sits and how secure it makes it feel. Thanks Trav
  12. Put my IPD grille back on the car after the accident... looks great. Now I just need a hood latch for the center that works.
  13. I love my STACK gauges http://www.stackltd.com/instruments.html
  14. Thanks guys! the IPD HD unit I have is crap also.
  15. Could only reach 7psi in my ARD Green Tune. Took out the volvo BCS and put in a MBC and was hitting the 15 psi I set it at. I think I need a new BCS or something... grrr
  16. got my car back today from the body shop... drives sluggish and looks like I can only hit 7psi with a ARD Green Tune. Going to check hoses when I get home....ugh
  17. I am surprised he did not roll over them. I was thinking "why the heck is this guy not plowing them over?" If I had my wife and kid in the car I would have done anything to protect them from some guy trying to smash my window in and hurt us.
  18. since when did you get a r wagon... man I have been gone a long time.
  19. Zing! I say we get them all out of office and then cap their salary at 100k. Then they have to have the same healthcare as the public (Senate voted no on this one). Also they only get paid for when they are at the office or on official business (that is the tough part).