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  1. How much did those fog grills cost? Thinking about getting a set of fogs for my brother's S70.
  2. What size tires do you have mounted on these?
  3. jelly...people need to stop picking up all of these calipers, i wanttt ^_^
  4. Sitting a little high. Just after I put it on the ground from being on jack stands for 4 days.
  5. Yesterday finished the rest of the front suspension overhaul; front control arms, inner/outer tie rods, ball joints, strut mount/bearings, rear shock mounts, and TKi adjustable rear toe arms. Need an alignment bad as the toe in the rear is all sorts of messed up and the rear end is hopping all over the place when driving...not fun. Did this on the way back to school: And got this piece of metal in the mail today (thanks Spanky!):
  6. Awesome, thanks for sharing and I'll keep this in mind come springtime :tup:
  7. Man, your car really pulls off those Capella's :tup:
  8. Awesome stuff man! it's really interesting as always to look at your thread updates :tup: