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  1. Derrick. Send me my shit.

  2. DHV70

    Nato rounds

    black one's a 5.56, right?
  3. i knew i've seen a silver R around the state for some reason.

  4. i would be incredibly impressed with anyone who could make a real coffee table out of a short block... that wouldn't rust down or degrade or break the glass, haha
  5. h1n1 is a damn joke. both my girlfriend's and best friend's schools have / had confirmed cases, and they sent both students home after about a week. nobody else got it... shocker.
  6. is anybody else freaked out by women with 6packs? :ph34r:
  7. do you want help with that tomorrow? i think i know my way around an xc by now hahaha
  8. i wish i was that cool... i ended up giving the bus driver who hit my friend and i a cigarette, nevermind screaming at him also, more people need to be online at 3 am :(
  9. That sucks... but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even know they hit it. They're so tiny...
  10. Honestly, who cares what they utter? Christianity is the largest religion in the U.S., so the names are common place, as is the reaction. With all the TV, movies and books we go through, we're practically programed to scream jesus christ when something happens. Very good point, I was just adding to it.
  11. DHV70

    Spark Cover.jpg

    did you sharpie this?
  12. watch any interview with brian moore. He was the 2008 elections socialist candidate. Even the socialists will tell back that up.
  13. If you're so worried about socialism taking over, I suggest you start shooting down any CURRENT Medicare, Medicaid, SS, Wellfare, Housing / Roadwork / Utilities, or Unemployment bills out there. Pronto. These are all socialistic in nature and origin. They always have been, and always will be. "Socialized" Healthcare is indeed an epic fail in itself, take a look at Canada. And I don't mean Michael Moore's bullshit documentaries that show the upper class getting all kinds of amazing treatment, I mean the lines of people waiting outside a clinic because 50 other people have a head cold. People DIE because of it. No, the big bad commie didn't eat them, the "funny feeling" they got at 9:30 am after going for a walk turned out to be an oncoming heart attack that struck while they were still in line to register. However... Social Security? Wellfare? They're supposed to keep you at the same level as everyone else. How many times have you filed for this? How many of you, or your friends or parents or relatives are on this? Socialism is here. Why? Because democracy doesn't work. Hell, we don't even have a democracy. We're a republic, that likes to tout true democracy like it's actually something tangible or sustainable. Now before you start trashing me for being an Obama fan, don't. I hate Obama. He's idealistic, inexperienced, and has been covering his own ass for over a year for all the half-baked and completely moronic things he's done and people he's associated with. He's not a socialist, he's just lost in dreamland. Cap and Trade is a good concept ON PAPER, but certainly not in an economic downturn. It would have been great if they implemented it 11 years ago... Maybe. But not if you'd like to keep the tradition of having a DD and a project car. That 740 with a hi-flo cat you were looking at to kick around in while your S60R is on a lift just went from 1200 bucks to 1400, IF you're lucky. And if you think 3.00 a gallon for gas is bad... Just wait. Prices are going to go up regardless, never mind if we put a carbon emissions cap on everything that moves. Yay, America.
  14. It was a jab at the church's "deciders", not the religion itself, justin. The ideals and the beliefs are spot on... The people running it are the ones with a problem. I don't see how they're just going to change age old doctrines because of (drum roll please, sir.) political pressure. Each religion is based on a different interpretation of scripture. Don't try bringing the church around 180 degrees. If you want radical change, start a new religion. Clearly, Martin Luther did it pretty fantastically with such "heresy," a couple hundred years ago... Why not try again? Different views = different religion. Different views != same religion, new doctrine. on a side note, I love the fact that we've actually got some intellectual people on here that know more than just how to build an engine.
  15. It's a good thing that people realize that religion is something people make up, based on something people made up. So that they can change their doctrine at any old time.