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  1. Just to clarify, there are actually two ways to look up radio codes. Either with the vehicle VIN or with the radio serial number. The problem with using the vehicle VIN is that the radio code on record is for the original installed radio. If the radio has been replaced, it will be the incorrect code. In order to avoid getting the wrong code and then having to call back, I recommend that you call the dealer with the following information that is all on a printed sticker on the top of the radio: Radio Part Number: Radio Model: Radio serial number: This way you will request the Radio code for the actual radio...
  2. Why use Heinz, when you can use OEM Volvo!
  3. I figure it won't be long before 3M smartens up and makes a 60" roll...it's probably just a matter of time...
  4. Can't do it...the roll's not wide enough to be able to do the entire hood in one piece...
  5. When I saw this stuff @ SEMA last fall, I knew that it was gong to be a hit! It was good timing, as I was actually about to have my roof and trunk repainted to fix some peeling painnt from a previous repaint... Figured I'd try the stuff, and I'm very happy with the results!
  6. The 60"x48" sheet should be just right...but I would probably get the 72"x48" sheet to be safe...
  7. I was going to do it myself, sourcing the film from http://www.carbonfiberfilm.com/ or someplace like that... But I ended up using a local guy, cost me $200 to do the roof and trunk, and he guarantees the film and labour for 5 years...can't go wrong!
  8. Have you seen the difference in the crash safety of the Ford F-150 pre and post Volvo? I'm not saying that it's directly related, but... Pre-Volvo: Post-Volvo: There are already factories in China churning out Volvos for the chinese market. They have been building and sourcing parts in China for a few years now. The difference is that these Chinese sourced and manufactured Volvos have only been for sale in the Asian market. All of the Ford-Volvos for sale in North America have always been built in Europe. From what I hear, that is going to be one of the hot topics within Volvo in the upcoming years...whether to continue to maufacture cars for the North American market in Europe, or to start exporting Chinese made Volvos to North America... Higher perceived (or actual) quality on one hand, lower cost and potentially lower sticker prices on the other hand...
  9. Any feedback on your MSD 6A box? I've had this box on all my old American V8's, and always wondered why I rarely see them on Import/European cars... See any difference?
  10. Just measured a Front R caliper I have sitting in the garage...I measure 35mm and 40mm, but I don't have a caliper handy so those numbers may be off by a millimeter or two... Can't seem to find the original specs for the pistons... Regardless, they are smaller than the 36mm/44mm of the 993TT/928GTS pistons...
  11. Just to clarify, are you talking about on the rear of the car (like you have), or about the front also?