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  1. I'm just glad you are ok. It's fixable and I'm glad you didn't meet that guard rail or another car in a bad way. Apologize if it's known, but what's the lure of switching to the FWD subframe?
  2. You have built, in my opinion, the most rad version of a T5R ever. Best part is, it looks so unassuming.
  3. Man, car is looking beautiful. Nice work. Maybe I should rebuild mine.
  4. Thanks for posting those pictures. I'm getting an extra 00 complete rear end in a pile of parts I just picked up from a good friend. Thinking about doing this mod just to try it out.
  5. This car is becoming a real monster. Could you share any more on the VC welding? Would you do it on a lower HP car? Or is it only worth it on high HP applications such as this?
  6. Glad you still have this car. Tis beautiful.
  7. H! Man, nice work as always! I see the AWD is in your blood, sir. Curious of your impressions of that AWD setup vs the old XC.
  8. Probably one of the cleanest high power builds I've seen ever. Thanks for putting so much about it up on youtube. Have a lot to go back and watch.
  9. Damn it looks good to be a gangster
  10. Uuuuuuuugh. Stahp. You're making me want to fix mine. It sits with no drivetrain. 😞
  11. Will be interested in a overall rebuild cost if you get one. Good luck with the rebuild. 🙂
  12. Oooooooooo neat. More info on the haldex controller please. That's going to be rad.
  13. I'm glad you restored this car and not only gave it a new life, but didn't lock it up in a garage all the time. Not only that, it's totally rocking the winter look hard! Nice work!
  14. Nice work! You always make me want to fix mine. Though I'm not sure I could put the AWD back into her, seeing as how I don't really need it down here in the south. So... I believe my angle gear is quite young, replaced by the previous owner at around or over 200K. Car has 245K on the chassis. Let me know if you are interested. Have a Colorado rebuilt driveshaft too.
  15. Wheels are on point! Car looks great.