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  1. Glad to see you are on the path to rebuilding. Hoping I will be able to say the same soon.
  2. H! Man, nice work as always! I see the AWD is in your blood, sir. Curious of your impressions of that AWD setup vs the old XC.
  3. Probably one of the cleanest high power builds I've seen ever. Thanks for putting so much about it up on youtube. Have a lot to go back and watch.
  4. Damn it looks good to be a gangster
  5. Uuuuuuuugh. Stahp. You're making me want to fix mine. It sits with no drivetrain. 😞
  6. Will be interested in a overall rebuild cost if you get one. Good luck with the rebuild. 🙂
  7. Oooooooooo neat. More info on the haldex controller please. That's going to be rad.
  8. I'm glad you restored this car and not only gave it a new life, but didn't lock it up in a garage all the time. Not only that, it's totally rocking the winter look hard! Nice work!
  9. Nice work! You always make me want to fix mine. Though I'm not sure I could put the AWD back into her, seeing as how I don't really need it down here in the south. So... I believe my angle gear is quite young, replaced by the previous owner at around or over 200K. Car has 245K on the chassis. Let me know if you are interested. Have a Colorado rebuilt driveshaft too.
  10. Wheels are on point! Car looks great.
  11. Bummer. But alas, it can be fixed. How many miles are on the chassis?
  12. Looks really really good. Makes me want to keep and fix mine.
  13. Man... really good progress! Repair looks really good too. Makes me hate giving up on my venetian.
  14. Well, just update all the links and host it somewhere else! lol Still glad to revisit the thread and see your work.
  15. Cool! Thanks for the info. Can't wait to see pictures of them on your car. And thanks for keeping your thread updated. Always interesting stuff in here.
  16. Your car is so rad. Are those wheels also called RK? If so, very light weight. However, check for cracks, as all my 18x8's had hairline cracks in the ends of the spokes into the barrels. Was so so sad when I found those. Have you ever considered a newer generation turbo? They likely would flow as much as the HX40 and come online much earlier. Or is that how shit gets broken? lol
  17. Had a sig 229 a few years ago. Really liked it and should get another.
  18. Hah. Being that I work in K12 education, you can't know how much a piece of me is agreeing with you this morning.
  19. I'm not saying this lessens the tradedgy of what people have experienced in modern shootings, but I believe it's important to gain perspective. This was almost 100 years ago :
  20. People seem to also not take into account the population explosion over the last 60 years.
  21. We also need to keep in mind how small the percentage chance this would actually happen really is. That being said, I know of schools that have ridiculous security systems, with door/window/video monitors and controls that pipe back to the principle office, the admin building and the local police department. I believe they paid 400K per campus to do that, but all you are doing is spending money to "feel safe." You can dream about securing a firearm in the classroom... but the inmates will find a way. That, and now you're going to see an increase in school burglaries to gain access to these weapons. I have campuses that don't even have an alarm. Also, erikv11 is right. We have a wonderful LEO dedicated to our district... but our schools are rural and up to 12 miles apart. One person can't be all places at one time. What I really hope I don't see is some kind of bullshit TSA move for schools. We don't need people with tasers and metal detectors works every door of a school for minimum wage. That's just a whole bunch of other problems. Not to mention kids will end up going to schools that quite literally feel like prison. I'm against sacrificing freedom for security. Fuck that noise.
  22. The first mass school shooting was in San Diego by a 16 year old girl, armed with a .22 rifle. However, you're not wrong... it seems to be disproportionately men. This is going to probably shock you, but I actually really really agree with you here. I, too, work in education at the district/admin level. My take on this is probably a little different, even though some of my co-workers believe certain teachers should be trained and conceal a weapon. No offense to your wife or any other teachers, but they have way too much else to pay attention to than to worry about a weapon in their coat/bag/purse/locker/safe etc. That, and some of my teachers are small or even tiny. Lastly, as an IT person, I constantly have to deal with teachers and their lack of respect for security. If the had a tiny gun safe in their classroom, some teacher is going to put a sticky note with the combination to it on the side, I promise you. That being said, I think the signs on the door of ever school stating that it's a gun free zone ends up with a shooter knowing he's not going to encounter resistance, and thus makes the school a "soft target." Which sucks. My plan would to be train and conceal carry only certain support staff that are typically not in a classroom or at least aren't classroom based. This prevents introducing a weapon into a classroom that is just sitting all the time. Plus, to be honest, if something were to go down, the select few should only be backing up the school resource officer if they can. I feel teachers would not understand that working as a team mentality. First responders do not tend to victims... they are to stop the shooter, and I don't see teachers being able to step over a bleeding student in time of crisis, personally. That is not a knock, it's because their hearts are bigger than mine. Lastly, we had a retired police chief give a wonderful talk to our staff yesterday. He is trained and has many certifications on dealing with school shooters, and now what they are calling "open air shooters." He went through statistics and helped myself staff realize just how rare this happens per capita, but that we should have a plan. He also told us that our lockdown plan was going to get people killed, which I've felt personally all along. The best part was when he encouraged a plan to fight in addition to locking down, and seeing the look on administrator's faces. The biggest thing he proposed to our staff, I felt, was building their confidence. I'm not saying we should expect everyone to fight, because the reality of many people I've trained with in boxing and muay thai is that the natural reaction to getting hit in the face is that you don't want to do that anymore. My suspicion is that the same likely exists here. However, seeing the teachers feel confident, I bet the students would see that too and feel confident in day to day life as well. Apologies for coming back to this thread. :)
  23. The stock seat is on the right? The deepest angle looks uneven.