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  1. Nice work!  You always make me want to fix mine.  Though I'm not sure I could put the AWD back into her, seeing as how I don't really need it down here in the south.  So... I believe my angle gear is quite young, replaced by the previous owner at around or over 200K. Car has 245K on the chassis.  Let me know if you are interested.  Have a Colorado rebuilt driveshaft too.

  2. Your car is so rad.   Are those wheels also called RK?  If so, very light weight.  However, check for cracks, as all my 18x8's had hairline cracks in the ends of the spokes into the barrels.  Was so so sad when I found those.

    Have you ever considered a newer generation turbo?  They likely would flow as much as the HX40 and come online much earlier.  Or is that how shit gets broken?  lol