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  1. I tried to offset it WingNut. +1's for you. B)
  2. Very interesting air intake setup. I really liked the reuse of the factory air tunnel. We all know what it sounds like with a cone filter... how does the enclosure affect this sound, if at all? As always, your XC is the tops.
  3. I'm a little concerned with the general conception that anything from China is made with quantity in mind, over quality. Not to say they couldn't produce a high quality product, but it's seems to me it's just a different mentality and/or approach there. My guess? Volvo cars will become more affordable, while loosing some quality and safety ratings. Ironically enough, I remember someone remarking that the new S60 looks like it had it's butt influenced by a Japanese car... the civic. I agree, and will try to keep my turd on the road for as long as I can.
  4. You have to admit... RP is at least entertaining, if nothing else. He's probably too smart to be the leader of the country, if you ask me. Borderline crazy... sure... no doubt about that. He would abolish the federal reserve and cut the government... and for that, he'll always get my vote. That way, we can afford the..... SPACE SHIPZ YO!!! :lol:
  5. I wish I would have waited now... doh!! No worries. Volvo 4 Life... and VS 4 Life :lol:
  6. The problem with any religious view is that it seems to give people the notion they know what is or is not better for someone else. Clearly, in some aspects, this is true today, as we aren't fond of cutting off heads and hands in the west as much as it seems to be portrayed to be useful in the east (generally speaking.) However, it does happen here, but on a more ideological level (cause the crusades were so 1100 AD) Unfortunately, I've met more christians in my time who feel the need to impose belief systems upon others. What I've learned is all religions are equally guilty of this practice, in my opinion. Granted, not everyone in the religion acts this way, and I have great friends who are extremely religious. What man seemingly lacks now adays is a sense of community. For a long time the last sense of community, and especially in this country, was faith based religious groups. It's my opinion our government wishes to dissolve our individuality, along with what we know to be what's left of our communities, in favor of one large group. (No disrespect meant towards anyone here.) Sorry for my rants... just my .02
  7. Sir... thank you for the video. Your car sounds so smooth. Great video!! *jealous
  8. Same here... I'd like to hear your car... or see it in a video... you inspire other XC owners.
  9. Yeah... that's all nice... but what's the bolt pattern on this? I'm assuming 5x108mm? Those 18" cratus wheels would look cool on my 70.