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  1. Cool upgrade. I like the routing of the iC piping. Have enjoyed seeing this car in person. Hopefully will again.
  2. Except you're ignoring the fact that the US has something going on called the industrial war complex.
  3. No, I'm insinuating the irony in that people were unaware of trains being an incredible vehicle of fascism in the past. You can ride that mother fucker all you want. Not something I want to be on, as I have a pretty good idea of where the fascism trains go.
  4. Change that out and you'll probably hit your dyno goal.
  5. Have we ever seen one party control the presidency, senate and congress all at the same time? If we start moving backwards towards retarded religious traditions... IE getting rid of birth control, banning abortion, etc.... I'm out.
  6. For all our betterment, let's lock this thread. LOL
  7. National holiday, I would agree with. Mandatory? What does that solve?
  8. Love your car because of how unassuming it is. We need a video of it in the snow please.
  9. Looks great! Don't show me more shots of those rally flaps. Had some on the 98, and I'm trying to keep my 00 more stock appearing.
  10. The rich still accumulate and do not spend. That can't be solved with either tax structure. One forces them to pay, while another gives them an out via our implicitly complicated tax system. The flat tax, to my knowledge is a taxing a flat percentage of income, keeping in place the existing yearly tax filing system. The fair tax is a consumption tax. For sure. I feel by eliminating tax lobbyist, you could return power to individuals and let them vote with their dollars. Yeah, Johnson's delivery apparently of everything, including himself, is problematic. If I were attempting to say where my view were, they are probably close to the libertarian camp, but damnit if they don't try to pick the kookiest motherfuckers every time. lol All I'm saying is that sometimes less is more. Often with these intentionally complicated systems are to keep uneducated people out, and a select few (usually rich white guys) in. Like our shitty tax system.
  11. So I think there are a couple of competing concepts here. "flat tax" is different then the "fair tax", I believe... and I'll share my (mis)understandings. A few things also I want to touch on... deductions wouldn't be a thing under the fair tax, because end users would never "file" tax returns. That whole process is abolished, along with it pieces of the IRS, tax lawyers, those companies that say "do you owe the IRS 10K in dept?" etc Good. Also, all corporate taxes in business to business purchases are removed to lower the cost of goods and offset the higher end user sales tax. The ultimate price is relatively the same for goods to the end user, they are just paying for taxes at the end purchase, rather than paying for embedded taxes with a little extra sales tax. Also, I would ask we stop re-taxing things like a vehicle every time they are sold, that policy is baseless and ridiculous. This also removes tax lobbying, which is a scourge on our economy. Also good. A person who earns 40K per year is going to spend most of their money, and someone who earns 400K may not. I get that argument. Yet, proportionately, they are going to be expected to pay the same tax rate. If a person earns 40K per year, and decides to save some, they have the ability to do so. Same with the person who earns 400K. Government shouldn't attempt to influence the behaviors of either party. If both are paying the same 20% sales tax on items... one is likely buying a car for 10K, while the other is buying a car for 100K. They are taxed depending on the decisions they make. It's their choice. Not the government's. I would also like to point out that you gain equal taxation from everyone, regardless of their immigration status, and you do not have losses from those who simply don't file taxes yearly, but owe under the current system. So instantly you have 10s of millions of people paying taxes just from tourism and illegal immigration. Those in the poverty bracket would get a rebate on taxes they would be expected to pay on the basic necessities of life. This is important to try and provide upward mobility to those in poverty. The government using tax breaks to influence the decisions of people and businesses only invites corruption. The fair tax, or something like I believe DUMP is proposing, is a one time tax... or just a flax tax across the board per year, but keeping the current tax filing system, etc. No. That's all dumb. Under our current system, the more money you make, you eventually get to a point where you don't pay taxes at all if you hire the right lawyers or stash it overseas. It's a fucking shell game, and you know it. If you have enough money to pay someone to hide your money, you aren't paying taxes. Lastly, I would state that maybe the fair tax has changed from what I learned 10 years ago. I get it that it probably would never be allowed by current businesses because it would sever their influence on government.
  12. Alain, why are you ok with tax policies that influence decisions outside of government? Rather than removing those abilities to influence? That article you posted called a fair or flat tax "regressive", but I don't see how you can just call something regressive and not state how.
  13. Depending on who you're voting for, I suspect your vote may be taxed differently.
  14. Alain is very correct on this. Taxes do serve as a motivational purpose. For example, having kids. This is why I feel our taxation system in it's current form is completely fucked. There is no representation of the people, just rather the will of government. Was and still am a proponent of the fair tax, because I feel we should be voting with dollars instead of ballot boxes now that the corporate world has merged with government. Fuck tax lobbyists. Fuck the government using taxes to influence a person's decisions. When are we going to return control to the people? PS.. Also, fucking fuck this presidential election. It's mind numbingly retarded. ./end_rant
  15. Apparently not Louisiana Not that it's a reason to go there. lol
  16. That's really impressive man. Do you feel the 4 cylinder white block is better in any regards than the 5?
  17. Very cool. You have found a really great setup there man! Love the tall ceilings in the house.