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  1. I have an issue with the idea that there is a single being responsible for everything we observe. From the furthest away... as we peer into the stars we see more and more... as is with looking smaller and smaller... we continue to make fascinating observations at that small scale. When I dejected this idea that there is an all powerful God... I was 11... and my parents were less than thrilled. What I see is that there is power in everyone... so when there is gatherings of people at a concert, or at a church... there is undeniably an energy that forms there. The problem I have... is that at the gathering of a religious institution, it is beat into people that they are powerless... and all bestowed upon them is from above. Instead of what I feel is within. We're all god, if you want to use that term. Sit and think about it. Is there a deity that is listening to everyone when you cry out? Or ask the ceiling for help? Or are you asking the all powerful self?
  2. It doesn't take much to just gain some insight. You can attempt to belittle the points of these men, but you have to realize that outside information, in and of itself, is likely directly correlated with the decline of religious membership. As soon as you add outside variables to what used to be a very tight equation, the so called truth in that tight equation becomes less and less solid. I would go so far as to say that religion has been around as long as it has due to constraints on information for so many years, combined with people's desire for traditions. On that point, I'm very welcome to every person having as much access to information as possible. Not against what anyone believes... call it whatever you want... He, god, universe, Gaia. If it empowers someone to do right by others, there's nothing wrong with it. Personally, I don't need the impending doom from an almighty head to goad me into caring about you as a fellow human being. Morals are not a religious exclusive. It's when those religions are used for corrupt purposes that I really have a problem with... and not one, as far as I know.. is exempt from that.
  3. You're right about the deck lid. That does change the look and feel of the car quite a bit!
  4. Really really well for just a base tune from Hilton. It sometimes doesn't start first try, but other than that... it's very fun to drive. Next up are replacement AWD prop shaft and proper exhaust and a more final tuning. :)
  5. How many miles does your car have? Did you notice the sub frame bushings as an improvement? I think mine are going at 230k.
  6. Glad to see another M66 swap. Really makes these cars a treat to drive. On that shifter assembly, cut out the plastic riser below it. Improves the position of the shifter greatly.
  7. They are the adapters I'm using too. Killer quality. Running stud conversion... 20mm front... 25mm
  8. Where are you commuting to, Val?
  9. Any closeups on how you modified the R cover for the fuel line that wants to be in the way?
  10. What year was the house built? Oh, and super digging the wood floor reveal. Hope you didn't have to do too much to get it looking great again.
  11. Man. What an awesome buy. Very cool Val.
  12. Placed Snabb RIP Kit on my roof in plans to install it... then decided to put new shoes on the KLR instead.
  13. Thanks for the pictures, guy. From the looks of it initially... it looked like a P2 FWD OBX downpipes. I'm going to probably buy a down pipe for a P2, and have it cut up by a shop for my P80.
  14. I used two butt connectors on the reverse wires... as it is a two post connector. Crimped the wire side... just pushed the other side one. Done.
  15. Any under car shots? I need to figure something better for my VR.