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  1. if you fire someone because they have tattoos, you MIGHT be a piece of shit
  2. He better be, time go get out of the way of more progressive candidates that don't say that poor brown kids could be as good as white kids. Interesting to see the trade war play out as the HK riots continue. Here's to not having Tienanmen square 2.0 🍻
  3. pure photo op, the thumbs up was a mega dick move IMO. Just not surprised anymore with this shit
  4. looks like Biden is done, thank god. Still can't believe there wasn't more outrage of Trump pulling that baby out of a hospital for a photo op. Unbelievable
  5. tomorrow is my last day at Volvo, actually. I'm done with dealer life, I want to have a life again Only mods I would do are sway bars and maybe a mild suspension drop, this thing is a land barge. Maybe an intake too
  6. 2003 Saab 9-5 2.3t 5-speed wagon with 98k miles. Bought it from the original owner for $1500 with every receipt since it was new
  7. you gonna shave yet? congratulations dude, you now (probably) have the most powerful P80 in America
  8. my Volvo master tech friend bought it, going to do a full motor build. Sleeves, rods, pistons, big turbo. Hoping for 500whp I'll post pictures as his build goes along since he isn't on here
  9. idk what to get for my next car, been looking at Subaru or a newer V60CC
  10. sold the 850 and the yellow has a buyer lined up. I don't own any P80's anymore....this is weird....
  11. White wi.....wait a second....
  12. towed the yellow down to my buddy's place in NJ to get started on the engine harness replacement btw anyone happen to have an automatic walnut shifter for an 850?
  13. I honestly chose this so I don't have to deal with the fuel lines. Interesting that we can finally now take advantage of VVT. Wondering if that's worth it for a 20T...
  14. did you use the one I sold you forever ago? That thing was minnnnnnttttttttt
  15. do you still have that amazing house?