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  1. Kevin.

    CarPlay option for 2017 v60?

    well yeah that's a whole headunit, I was moreso referring to retrofitting CarPlay to the built in system. No way it would work
  2. Kevin.

    CarPlay option for 2017 v60?

    given that's it's an old, outdated system I doubt it. Similar to the P1 cars, there was a Bluepower aftermarket solution but like you mentioned it's expensive and frankly very "quirky"
  3. Kevin.

    CarPlay option for 2017 v60?

    there is no support for CarPlay on the P3 models, only for the SPA and CMA platforms there may be an aftermarket solution in the future but I wouldn't cross my fingers
  4. Kevin.

    How Your Car Sits

    White wi.....wait a second....
  5. Kevin.

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    towed the yellow down to my buddy's place in NJ to get started on the engine harness replacement btw anyone happen to have an automatic walnut shifter for an 850?
  6. I honestly chose this so I don't have to deal with the fuel lines. Interesting that we can finally now take advantage of VVT. Wondering if that's worth it for a 20T...
  7. Kevin.

    Off Topic: The Thread

    did you use the one I sold you forever ago? That thing was minnnnnnttttttttt
  8. Kevin.

    WTB: 850 Strut Brace

    I have an OBX strut brace, shoot me a PM
  9. Kevin.

    Off Topic: The Thread

    do you still have that amazing house?
  10. RN swap time fellas
  11. Kevin.

    Off Topic: The Thread

    it seems the heavens have aligned to keep this car alive, I found a 01 T5 motor w/ sub 100k for a great price and will be picking it up soon sorry Mikey, no coilovers for jooo
  12. Kevin.

    WTB: 850 Strut Brace

    I might have one lemme check my parts stash
  13. Kevin.

    Off Topic: The Thread

    yeah in DE, this is the 96 T5 that I bought from Rolling Motors
  14. Kevin.

    Off Topic: The Thread

    I'm considering a mid 00's XC70 for a daily At this point, I've spent well over 10 grand on this car. This is the 3rd engine and frankly I've run out of steam on this car, I just think I'm done. I'd love to sell it whole to someone but I think parting it out would net me the most money. That being said, you should get the coilovers :lol: