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  1. Rare Volvo Parts

    power folding mirrors!   someone tag Dragos....his whole car is full of rare stuff
  2. 2016 Presidential Campaign

        dude is pretty crazy
  3. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    why won't Carson drop out already
  4. Politics On Politics.

    wonder how many will drop out today 
  5. Politics On Politics.

    In God We Trust was done in the 50's   Under God was also added much later to the pledge of allegiance      they were done to combat the communist idealisms from Russia     I'm sure you all have seen this as well about as black and white as you can get
  6. Politics On Politics.

    I understand that canidates are pandering to the religious right, I get it   it's when you have guys like this saying that same sex marriage infringes on their "religious liberties". Give me a fucking break.    same point that Alden brought up: spending public money on a statue of the 10 commandments is pretty messed up. How about the schools in the south that allow churches to pass out religious propaganda in kids schools, is that right?     Alain I am surprised that you are saying the founding fathers didn't fully believe in the separation of church and state. What is your view on religious freedom: does it only apply to the popular, in place religions (ie Christianity) or does it apply to all religions? I'm no longer shocked at the actions of people claiming "religious freedom and liberty" in one breath while they consistently shut down other idealisms that don't line up with their agendas.
  7. Politics On Politics.

      correct, but religious beliefs cannot effect policies. Check out Alabama sometime....  
  8. The Beer Thread

                                  for those that haven't added me on untappd, my username is volvonut90
  9. Politics On Politics.

      and it shouldn't be that way, seems many people forget about the whole separation of church and state thing     GOP candidates are dropping like flies now. Democratic debate on Thursday, should be good
  10. The Beer Thread

        JAWN is so good!
  11. Politics On Politics.

      he was quoted saying this well before Iowa
  12. Tan p80 V70 R mats

      Greg I want those   Brad I have 3 sets of tan R floor mats, text me
  13. Politics On Politics.

    “There is nothing scientific about evolution,” Cruz explained. “Evolution is one of the strongest tools of Marxism because if they can convince you that you came from a monkey, it’s much easier to convince you that God does not exist.”   right, and this guy just won Iowa