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  1. Trump actually started off calm and composed, and that lasted for about 5 minutes. I gave up after 30 minutes of arguing and children yelling at each other. Why waste a vote on the major parties when you can just vote 3rd party....if everyone who hates Trump and Clinton voted 3rd party they would win. Johnson or Stein would be 10000% better than the bullshit Trump or Clinton would pull in office
  2. I really like that color, it looks super close to Autumn Gold
  3. Sanders definitely is a New Deal Democrat, the issue is that the DNC likes how much money we can make from war -_-
  4. Sanders 2020 lol
  5. I see her aligning more with Bernie's Democratic-Socialism. Socialism isn't a scary word, communism is. Almost every instance of Communism being implemented was a guise for a small group to take power, it's greed that kills the idea. In a perfect world Socialism would be awesome but humans are inherently greedy so it will never work. That's why I like the idea of Democratic Socialism so much
  6. Gary Johnson? and since when is Jill a commie? That's like saying Bernie is a commie when he isn't...that is a basic lack of understanding how socialism, communism, and democracy works.... the only people I heard calling Bernie a commie were Trumpers, generally the older generation
  7. quality thread, would downvote again
  8. but you're rationalizing with the "least bad candidate" mentality. How does Jill Stein align with your views? Remember, it's not our fault the Democratic party pushed such a weak candidate. A Hillary presidency would make the lame duck status of Obama look like child's play
  9. Matt if you're still looking to unload your pistons I'm interested, like you saw I picked up a set of rods recently and I might as well keep adding the the parts pile fucking rough as to what's been happening though man, I feel for you. Like Brad said if you need any help give us a shout, we are more than willing to help a Volvo brother out. I still have a lot of spare parts if you need anything as well
  10. I have been doing a lot of thinking over the last few months about my personal views and who I will be voting for in the upcoming election and I had a moment of clarity when talking to my wife. You should vote for whoever the hell you want, regardless of what the news tells you or to stop someone else from gaining power. We as Americans have a Constitutional right to vote for whoever we damn well please and I want to execute that right. I personally feel that the Democratic Party has failed us in this Presidential race by pushing (read forcing) Clinton down everyone's throats. I do not agree with the tactics she has used the the things she has done so I will not be voting for her, I will be voting for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. For those who say "but what about a Trump presidency, we cannot afford to have that happen to our country!" I say back: then why did the Democratic party push such a weak candidate from the very beginning? If this was so important why isn't Clinton actually giving a shit about important issues (she has said nothing, zero, zilch about the pipelines bursting or the Native American land being disrespected by oil pipelines yet in black in white on her website she says she stands to defend Native Americans). She is a weak candidate who will say anything to be elected and if we end up with Trump, it's their fucking fault for snubbing Bernie who I saw as the much stronger candidate. Basically the whole point of this block of text is vote for who YOU want to be President: not to stop another candidate from being elected and not to just align with your party. Vote from your heart and conscience. Have a good day everyone.
  11. maybe I'll fit in this thing now that I'm not fat anymore LOL
  12. couldn't you do that on one of your cars previously?
  13. I can't believe OBX made that exhaust and was like "yeah, that looks great"
  14. was just thinking vaders to keep it E36 if you can find a set of ZHP or manual E46 M3 seats I would snag those
  15. get vaders if you can swing the price