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  1. so all media is fake news? Except for Fox News, of course
  2. had a Worldwide stout for new years, was awesome
  3. TIL we should just let Putin run our country
  4. there is no point, his mind has been brain washed. Nothing that you and I will say to him will change his mind
  5. underlying, like how Mormonism is a cult? c'mon Alain, have a laugh for once
  6. can you explain how it's ignorant?
  7. take a look at the cabinet choices and get back to me
  8. both you and Greg have VW's now!
  10. you should worry, Gary. This is the least educated cabinet in US history, that should be concerning
  11. let's drain the swamp....and fill it with billionaires and CEO's! Surely they will look out for our best interests?
  12. with Bernie as his VP 2020 should be a shoe in if Trump's presidency is as shitty as we all think it will be
  13. gotta be kidding me with these appointments, drain the swap indeed
  14. looking for the bracket and bolts that hold the shifter cables on a M56, I misplaced my set and it's one of the last things I need for my 850 manual swap
  15. scared that the old fucks will keep denying climate change and put their own selfish interests before their goddamned country. We need to move forward as a country and accept facts: the earth is changing and the planet is warming because of our actions. The younger people see their future going up in smoke and don't like it, they're adults so let them make decisions. You don't have to be 50 to know what you're talking about, plenty of people have life experiences that taught them quite a bit. This whole safe space/PC bullshit has to stop though, I do no support the people rioting and burning shit because Clinton lost, get the fuck over it. They need to act like the adults they are.