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  1. I refute misinformation and correct it as needed
  2. new rad hoses, thermostat, expansion tank, and motor mounts on the C30. Doing the control arms this weekend
  3. religion needs to stay the FUCK OUT OF WOMEN'S LIVES
  4. lol here's Alain assuming people actually go to the movies anymore (the last 2 movies I've seen in theaters were Finding Dory and The Avengers, to put it in perspective)
  5. you missed the last part of my statement, that we cannot just go to $15 an hour immediately because the economy cannot handle that whatsoever. It needs to be a slow increase over a 5-10 year period. $10 would be a nice start, $7.25 is embarassing what about people who cannot do hard labor jobs? My wife has fibromyalgia, she can't go wash windows or be an electrician as she can only stand for about 10 minutes at a time without being in excruciating pain
  6. Mormonism isn't a cult you say?
  7. look, you need to listen to these words. You cannot live on $7.25 an hour and have any form of a decent quality of life. You just cannot do it. We are not here to talk about "oh well why is an adult working at a fast food place" because the reality is that 42% of the entire working US population makes less than $15 an hour. Frankly, I make $14.43 an hour and it's not enough (I recently had a massive change in my pay plan and have less than $100 a month left over after bills). You cannot look at me in the face and tell me that $7.25 is an acceptable wage to live on. The average cost of rent in Delaware is $800 (apartment) which leaves you with $360 for an entire month to pay for food, gas, car insurance, utilities, and medical bills. That is unacceptable. Sure, you could ride your bike or the bus to work but you still only have $360 left for the whole month, how are you supposed to be able to save up money to get out of your current living situation? Answer: you can't. Unless you work 2 or 3 jobs, and young families cannot afford to do this (especially single mothers/fathers). There is a flip side to this argument, however. Spiking the minimum wage to $15 an hour overnight is a terrible, terrible idea. It needs to be a slow, steady progress up to at least $10 (more in cities that have much higher living costs ie NYC, Philadelphia, Seattle, etc)
  8. I can't anymore. Trump thinks renewable energy sources are "expensive and will lose jobs"
  9. Sean Hannity is a loser, but not as much as Bill O'Reilly
  11. I used DWS for winter because I was driving 110 miles a day. I would destroy a set of Blizzaks in one season with that highway mileage, had to compromise
  12. they're already on MY18?
  13. Trump uses fear to control people, and it seems it's working on you Gary
  14. Jon Stewart tells it like it is, unlike Mr Trump who tells it like HE thinks it is. GOP logic: if we think it's true it's a fact. Newt Gringrich flatly stated just that, that if he believes something to be true then it is fact regardless of the truth or actual facts. He said this in regard to the murder rate, which has been going down for 20+ years. He thinks that because the murder rate is going up in a few cities that in fact the entire murder rate is going up. Please see below. Alain I hope you're voting independent this year
  15. the establishment felt threatened and acted "accordingly"