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  1. 2016 Ithaca NY Euro Meet June 18th

    I'm real close now man, if you just need another set of hands lmk.
  2. Religulous

    one could attribute the presence of God in science over the years to this as well Alain. When we didn't understand the weather, it was God who made it. When we didn't understand gravity, it was God who brought things down. When we didn't understand our solar system and the planets, God held and moved everything. God has been used as a gap, per se, to explain the portion of what we know and what we don't know. Thankfully modern science no longer uses this, however it is interesting to note that God only fills in the blanks rather than creating new ideas (in these instances). The presence of God in science has significantly shrunk due to our technological revolution, one could argue that sometime in the future we wouldn't need a God to explain things anymore. I look forward to that day
  3. Level10 850R autobox upgrade help?

    oh you never bought that T-5R then did you?
  4. Religulous

    Ezekiel 23:20 one of my favorite verses 2 Samuel 12:14 God kills babies if you piss him off "I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it." Albert Einstein
  5. Religulous

    also 1 Corinthians 14:34 clearly states women have no place in the church this is fun
  6. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    Bernie wins Oregon, voted fraud reported in Kentucky
  7. Religulous

    you do have to step back and look at the book you're reading: people were turned into pillars of salt? How is that possible? the Bible is very anti-woman at it's core
  8. Religulous

    I can feel the boots quiver from here, other religions than yours aren't scary and wrong they are just different. You are also making blanket statements again towards Atheists. I never claimed to be an expert on the crusades but I do know as a fact that a massive amount of people died in the name of God which is pretty fucked. Same goes for those killed by authoritarian and totalitarian states/countries/regimes, it's fucked up what happened. As an Atheist I don't think "all people of religion must die", these people were fucked up in the head and TORTURED people. Do I look like I would torture people to death? And again, don't be so quick to take shots when Christianity was used to torque, maim, and destroy people for centuries I think we can come to the conclusion that religion has been used and is still used to this day to further causes not originally intended for the religion. We can also agree that there are some very messed up people, both religious and otherwise that have made bad choices in their lives. I have made my choice HOWEVER if there was evidence put in front of me that proved that God was real I would accept it.
  9. Volvo 960/s90 Steering Wheel + Airbag - Black

    it's not clean enough, just had a look at the two wheels I have. Sorry man
  10. Religulous

    while Hitler did not believe in religion as a whole, he did employ religious reasons for some of the things he did. Not defending him, but he did use religion to strong arm a few things
  11. Religulous

    the point he made was that the Conquests were all made in the name of the LORD and they MASSACRED PEOPLE BY THE THOUSAND. Do you not see an issue with this?
  12. Religulous

    Alain, teaching someone facts in school is extremely different than teaching them your opinion about the afterlife. Of course you can teach someone morality without God/religion being involved, you're looking at this the wrong way. You consistently refer to this "slippery slope" idealism yet you are literally using that mentality to teach your children. I do understand that everyone has their own right to raise their child how they choose, but when you aren't giving your children a choice about their beliefs and are imposing your own onto them I see an issue. That is one of the core issues I have with religion, that the children of religious parents aren't really being given a choice about what they believe. And please, don't tell me that your children DID make a choice, because you heavily influenced that choice through your actions. That's what I could call manipulation and indoctrination. I slightly elaborated on my religious background, but now I will go into it fully to disclose how and why I feel the way I do. I was born into a Christian family and baptized in a Christian church. My parents raised me to be a man of God and to fear the word of the LORD, and I complied because I was a good boy that wanted to make his parents happy. Somewhere around the age of 7 or 8 I accepted Christ into my heart much to the thrill of my parents and my church community. From that point forward, I would constantly spent my free time volunteering and assisting the church through various outreaches and programs. After I discovered my love for music and developed my talents, I became heavily involved in my church's music programs and would volunteer in the kindergarten and younger kids groups. I really loved what I was doing and constantly worked to grow in my own faith and to inspire others. Over the years I continued to grow in both my faith and my involvement in my church. After my family moved to Spokane was when I really became heavily involved in my church volunteering. I would constantly volunteer in both of the youth groups (middle and high school) as well as the adult services in both music and A/V. At around this point I started to step back from my beliefs to see why I believed what I did and how they were positively effecting me. I reached out for counseling to my youth pastor and he essentially told me that it was normal to question some beliefs but in the end God is in control and that I will always find my way back to him. This was about the time I joined the military and went to basic training, and I will tell you that during basic I had a very polarizing view of religion. People used religion to get away from their feelings, to feel as though they belonged in a group, and to get out of work. This was very different for me, as I found that church was almost a sort of refill for my week. So I began to talk to my fellow airmen about their experiences as Christians (or whatever religion they believed) and I found similar idealism: born and raised in church, made early commitment to said church when they were young, volunteered and helped and then began to question. We all talked about it and came to the same conclusion: we only belonged to the religion we are in because we were born into that religion. So I did something unthinkable, I walked away from religion. I stopped going to services and made friends in other places and I felt free. It was a weird feeling, that I was able to make my own choices instead of feeling like I only had to have church friends (this was how I was raised). While I was in the military I met my wife who was raised in a Roman Catholic home who experienced the same epiphany as myself: once she was able to step back and look at the religion she was raised in she no longer wanted to participate. We have both worked to have a healthy relationship based on love we have for each other. We have found happiness even though we have no religion and frankly we have no intentions of going back. Onto the discussion of religion liberties and religious freedom: you as an american citizen have a guaranteed right to practice your own religion as you see fit. If this whole debacle was truly about practicing your religion, then other religions should be able to justify the religion freedom argument. What if a Muslim family refused to serve you because of their own personal beliefs?
  13. I know we used to make these threads in the past, figured I would make one as I didn't see one. Post up what you're bringing/can bring to Carlisle to sell, pictures if possible as well.
  14. Religulous

    Alain I've been working on a post for you, I think I'll finally share it tonight on here
  15. Religulous

    you're on to something here.... as a reminder: if there is nothing I can say, no evidence that I can show you that your religion/beliefs are incorrect then there is no point in conversing about the subject. So, here's the question to those arguing for religion: is there anything that can or could be said to change your mind about your religion?