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  1. gotta be kidding me with these appointments, drain the swap indeed
  2. looking for the bracket and bolts that hold the shifter cables on a M56, I misplaced my set and it's one of the last things I need for my 850 manual swap
  3. scared that the old fucks will keep denying climate change and put their own selfish interests before their goddamned country. We need to move forward as a country and accept facts: the earth is changing and the planet is warming because of our actions. The younger people see their future going up in smoke and don't like it, they're adults so let them make decisions. You don't have to be 50 to know what you're talking about, plenty of people have life experiences that taught them quite a bit. This whole safe space/PC bullshit has to stop though, I do no support the people rioting and burning shit because Clinton lost, get the fuck over it. They need to act like the adults they are.
  4. set of DWS for the C30, alignment on Monday. Finally winter ready!
  5. Matt if you want to use an R block I have the motor from the Saffron V70R you can use for free
  7. I do not see my future in the US after my wife finishes her degree if Trump nominates multiple ultra conservative supreme court justices. Religion is not a reason to implement fear and hatred, unfortunately people like Mike Pence do not know where to draw the line. Part of me sees the GOP trying to knock Trump out and put Pence in power, that would be fucking SCARY
  8. I'm not, actually. Enough people were pissed off at the PC culture and the blatant corruption that they rejected a corrupt candidate, crazy right? I fear that religion and fear will be used to remove the rights of the weak, such as transgender bathroom issues and LGBTQ rights. Mike Pence does not like gay people and advocates for conversion therapy SOURCE Trump will probably not accomplish a lot, I can see Obamacare being repealed but who knows what it will be replaced with (hopefully single payer). I see EPA regulations being curbed back as well as coal/oil/natural gas production being ramped up. My generation rejected Trump, as seen here. The future generation saw through the guise, so best of luck to everyone with a GOP controlled congress. I wonder if the "liberal media" will be to blame for all of this
  9. and give the acid to me, I'm off work tomorrow LOL
  10. tomorrow is the day, god help us all
  11. you really should vote Greg
  12. eau de birch
  13. you have freedom of religion in this country until you use your religion as a reason to not allow someone to do something ie gay marriage
  14. half baked? Come on Alain, I see this shit every single day. The religious want special treatment but don't want others to receive that same treatment. Great example is Satanic temples not being allowed to pass out information at a public event because the local churches cried about it. Religious freedom is religious freedom, and that includes religions that aren't your own. Go figure. Makes me laugh that the religious people in this country are blindly following Trump solely because he is Republican. Guess it's ok if he gropes people because he is a Republican lobbying is literally legal bribing. Shit is fucked up. The people have to take the country back, mainly by voting out shitty old congressmen/senators and bringing in a new wave of fresh minds. John McCain has been in the Senate longer than I have been alive, think about that for a minute