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  2. I used DWS for winter because I was driving 110 miles a day. I would destroy a set of Blizzaks in one season with that highway mileage, had to compromise
  3. Trump uses fear to control people, and it seems it's working on you Gary
  4. Jon Stewart tells it like it is, unlike Mr Trump who tells it like HE thinks it is. GOP logic: if we think it's true it's a fact. Newt Gringrich flatly stated just that, that if he believes something to be true then it is fact regardless of the truth or actual facts. He said this in regard to the murder rate, which has been going down for 20+ years. He thinks that because the murder rate is going up in a few cities that in fact the entire murder rate is going up. Please see below. Alain I hope you're voting independent this year
  5. the establishment felt threatened and acted "accordingly"
  6. how about this Alain, fuck Hillary Clinton
  7. fuck DWS
  8. Vote Gary 2016: No more free shit
  9. people are pissed off at what Cruz did, and they do have a good reason. He effectively was invited to Trump's house and then trashed the living room before leaving. Now, I can see the other side of this. Who in their right mind would endorse someone who said their father conspired with Fidel Castro and was constantly called "Lyin' Ted" by his entire campaign. Personally, I'm glad to see the absolute shit show. Interestingly enough, NPR did a story about the elections and 60% of the population in the US is fed up with the elections already. When polled about what is missing from coverage from the elections, it was overwhelmingly shown that the candidates stance on issues is seriously under-reported. Climate change has rarely come up on the Democrat side, and it's yet to come up at all on the GOP side. There was a man from the Republican party in Pennsylvania that said a few things that worried me (I want to say he was a senator). When he was asked directly about climate change, he said he believes that humans are partially contributing to it however we need to look at things like job loss and industry loss as a main factor before choosing any action. Excuse me? Industry loss? Of course the oil industry needs to shrink so that solar, wind, and nuclear power can take off. Sounds like the guy is bought and paid for by the oil industry, makes me sad that the slogan "governement of the people" couldn't be further from the truth. Now don't get me wrong, Democrats are doing the same shit. Look at Hillary, taking in MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for paid speeches to corporate banks and trade groups. Coincidentally, several of those banks that paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches heavily backed the Keystone Pipeline. Funny how it all works sometimes. Don't even get me started on the FBI investigation (sorry Clinton supporters, it was a full criminal investigation). She cannot be trusted to handle sensitive documents, ANYONE else that did even remotely the same thing as her would have been fired, fined, possibly jailed, and permanently lost their security clearance. Millennials cannot trust her as they see through her guise, unfortunately the older population likes the idea of a woman Clinton president and heavily (and blindly) back her. The part that bothers me about Ted Cruz is he likes to hide his agenda in his words. Example: "Freedom means religious freedom, whether you are Christian or Jew, Muslim or atheist. Gay or straight. The Bill of Rights protects the rights of all of us to live according to our conscience." In this case, his conscience would be that LGBT cannot be married, abortion is murder, and he should have the 'right' to discriminate etc. He makes blanket statements that seem nice and all-encompassing, however his true intentions are to turn America in a theocracy.
  10. when you say you're a Christian first, that scares me. when you want to limit/abortions and remove gay rights you scare me and when you believe in the death penalty yet want to ban abortions you make me think you're messed up in the head. Gary Johnson 2016
  11. right, so you have very aggressive camber and you track the car. He DD's the car and does spirited mountain driving on the weekends which would explain how he is getting the mileage he is. Saying you will get under 1,000 miles on those tires is very misleading
  12. I would imagine a nice set of tin snips would make quick work, that or a saw
  13. I think you have to pin it in, I haven't looked at the harness in a few months