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  1. Secret Santa 2015

      well what I mean is people like Tommy or Mike...not just some Joe schmoe that just joined
  2.   want one for SS? I can make it happen.....
  3. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    dropped off the C30 to have brakes, brake fluid flush, oil change, tires and alignment done. Should drive MUCH better after 
  4.   idk if he will be able to, I can definitely ask 
  5.   yea this wouldn't have fog light holes   it would be this        
  6. Johann I'm sure you would want one, I'll let you guys know as I get updates 
  7.   I'm talking to a guy in Sweden (go figure) that has a mold from a real TWR front bumper and splitter. We are working on him producing a few ABS plastic lower bumpers, would anyone here be interested? I'm not sure on a price point yet though
  8. Secret Santa 2015

    at least there are convenient gift ideas listed next to people LOL   maybe we can open it to non-supporting members that have a history on VS
  9. I thought they had foglight holes?
  10. Politics On Politics.

    Trump is an absolute nut case, incredibly scary that people support him
  11. Off Topic: The Thread

      idk specifically what the conversation was about, but you talked about referencing the company you work for as "we" as opposed to the business name and how that shows you believe in your company and really enjoy working there.    I mean Timo wasn't wrong here, you post a link in about 50% of your responses :lol:   
  12.   I'll let Jeff chime in on the condition of the vehicle.....
  13. Off Topic: The Thread

      don't you refer to your team and job as "we"?   We've had this talk before, perfectly acceptable. Alain even linked an article about it before
  14. nope   this was from a stancebro hellaflush kid 
  15. Off Topic: The Thread

      Ryan Dunn bought a few BMW's from us here at Otto's, kinda cool