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  1. I know Mossback made the trip down this year, I believe he won best in show with his red 850R wagon Hey, you have a whole year to get the 850 ready! Plus the drive on PCH is sublime
  2. I think rods would be a safe bet if you haven't done those yet, I know many recommend rods at 350+ hp just to be safe on the N engines. I would love to see a madman such as yourself do a RWD 850 build. There are a few out there, none in the USA though.
  3. cant say I ever saw him post or remember him posting AFAIK
  4. this makes me so happy to see a build like this, even with the forums basically dead Cant wait to see where this build takes you
  5. no, Russia is no one wants war, the dance continues
  6. hey, maybe I will see you at Davis next year!
  7. JRZ is bae, P80s ride so perfect with them. Looks amazing dude, sucks I wont be able to see you east coast guys anymore
  8. The 2 captured Americans will not be given protections covered under the Geneva Convention while held by Russia If that isn't a declaration of war I don't know what is
  9. Hey everyone! I recently moved to Orange County (Irvine) and I would love to meet some of you guys! Does anyone still use the forums 🤣
  10. perfect way to breathe life back into a beat up 98-00 R steering wheel! So happy people are out there still having fun with P80s
  11. I have always been told the stock airbox on P80s will support over 400hp, is that just not the case from what you found?
  12. just send him a pic of your car and he will do work no problem 😅
  13. Following! Super clean work here
  14. I haven't posted pictures of this car in FOREVER @B Mac
  15. The Cryptocurrency market shrank by 50% the day this conflict started. Simple transactions on the blockchain are much more expensive now. Many markets have just collapsed like the GPU market for one. Personally I feel for the Russian people, they have a poor leader who is trying to destroy their country. Hopefully whoever the Oligarchs choose to replace Putin won't hate the West more than Putin does lmao