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  1. half baked? Come on Alain, I see this shit every single day. The religious want special treatment but don't want others to receive that same treatment. Great example is Satanic temples not being allowed to pass out information at a public event because the local churches cried about it. Religious freedom is religious freedom, and that includes religions that aren't your own. Go figure. Makes me laugh that the religious people in this country are blindly following Trump solely because he is Republican. Guess it's ok if he gropes people because he is a Republican lobbying is literally legal bribing. Shit is fucked up. The people have to take the country back, mainly by voting out shitty old congressmen/senators and bringing in a new wave of fresh minds. John McCain has been in the Senate longer than I have been alive, think about that for a minute
  2. fixed the boost issue on the yellow, yay boost weather
  3. yellow was running rough, started it last night and now it runs perfectly fine C30 rolled 170k white 850 is waiting for this weekend to come home (finally)
  4. wish I had an X70 to put this in, GLWS Greg!
  5. last I checked Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS and religious extremists so.... taxes pay for all kinds of programs (roads, schools, etc) to reiterate, if a church can afford to advertise on TV/Radio it needs to pay taxes. If a religious institution such as the LDS makes a public stance on an issue and tells it's followers to vote/treat people a certain way it needs to be taxed
  6. I have some Trilium brews that I would trade if anyone is interested....
  7. both of those pieces are NLA, along with the speaker covers for the dash. Best bet would be to look into 3D printing. You could probably use a better material than OEM
  8. religious freedom is a farce Alain, it's being used to oppress people that look scary and allows for racicm/sexism etc of course you don't think churches should be taxed, because you belong to one. Can you imagine what we could do if even half of the churches in our country were taxed? We wouldn't have trillions of dollars of debt, I'll tell you that much. how does it not bother you that religious institutions are telling people how to vote? Religion has no place in politics, and that includes churches.
  9. religious entities that do any of the following should lose their tax free status -tell their followers who to vote for -tell their followers how to vote in local elections -push their agendas on TV/Radio (advertising). I've been seeing a lot of religious TV and Radio ads lately -use fear to control their followers among many other things. Lots of churches break these rules, and it really angers me
  10. speaking of Mormons... TAX THE CHURCHES
  11. climate change, fair and equal treatment for people of all races/genders, government corruption, etc
  12. #grabherbythepussy
  13. JW and Mormonism are cults, this isn't rocket science
  14. paging Alain he voted for the Iraq war to spread his personal religion