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  1. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    "I'm a Christian first, American second." - Ted Cruz that should be concerning to everyone
  2. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    it won't work, Carly Fiorina is a horrible human being and Ted is just as bad
  3. Off Topic: The Thread

  4. Politics On Politics.

    I posted Bible verses that tell you to kill people just like you asked I can post more incredibly insane bible verses if you wish, lots of crazy stuff in there
  5. been getting a few PMs but still available! make an offer
  6. Off Topic: The Thread

    those look like the exact ones I bought off Amazon awhile ago
  7. Politics On Politics.

    Deuteronomy 17:2-5 Luke 19:27 Matthew 10:34 raised Christian, went to Four Square churches until I was 19 morality is defined differently by everyone, honestly. There is no absolute morality, at least I don't think there is. Now, obviously there are certain moral issues that we can agree on such as: killing people is bad, raping is bad, etc. It is interesting, however, to look at cultural taboos and relate them to morality. Japan is well known for it's extensive sexual presidence in it's culture and therefor has a different definition/idea of morality than we do the argument of a slippery slope is being used by the religious to give more power to them and their idealisms. They aren't happy that we aren't a "christian nation" anymore, when we never were in the first place. Fear mongering is how I see it. Desperation comes when you lose power and influence
  8. Politics On Politics.

    posting a sermon won't change anyone's viewpoints on the subject, and frankly he proves a pretty resounding point. No matter what the bible says, they will do it because God said so. What if the bible told you to kill people? (because it does) Let's break this down. Who wrote the bible? Was it God? Jesus? A deity? No. The bible is a collection of stories, scriptures, psalms, and proverbs that were written based on or inspired by events. I'm playing the devil's advocate here for a bit since I was raised in a very, very religious household. Many times I would question the beliefs I was told to believe but I was never given concrete answers on why those beliefs were held, other than it was written in a book centuries ago. I do understand what the pastor is saying about divorce and homosexuality being treated differently, because it's morally monkeyed up to treat something with such a severity when you look over the other. One could look at things like slavery which are promoted in the Bible and use that to impose slavery on others (ring a bell?). The issue I have with religion (mainly the different sects of Christianity) is the ingrained bigotry on issues such as this. Look, I am 100% ok with people practicing their own religion I'm not a complete asshole. But when you go so far as to deny people happiness.....deny them equality.....deny them basic's just wrong. It's even worse when you have politicians looking to BAN these people from having the same benefits as other married couples, all in the name of a book that is extremely old and one that not everyone believes in. Religion isn't under attack as many would claim, people are just thinking for themselves. I don't need an old book to know what morality is.
  9. Off Topic: The Thread

    this guy gets it LOL
  10. Politics On Politics.

    oh come Alain, don't drop that Biblical apocalyptic reference on this to Rod, you're right. 100 years ago we were taught that women couldn't vote and that black people had to be separated from white people and had less rights. Some people are born with attractions that differ than yours, so it's kind of irrelevant to say "well back in my day". Comparing alcoholics to gay people is a really bad comparison, it really is. You're comparing an addiction that destroys peoples lives to a lifestyle that seems to only threaten those that don't agree with it. back to the whole bathroom debacle....personally I think we should just use Europe's model: one bathroom for everyone. Seems to work fine for all of them.
  11. Off Topic: The Thread

    the o ring unseated and I lost oil pressure under full boost, it would have happened to you too Mike. No way I could have known, all the o rings were inspected for leaking and none were beforehand. You're always quick to take shots, just let it go
  12. Black suede headliner

    I've already put about as much as I can afford towards performance LOL
  13. Politics On Politics.

    just like "religious liberty" laws. Wonder if they apply to Muslims too?
  14. Off Topic: The Thread

    I had the shitty v-band removed from my OBX downpipe, I wouldn't trust their quality. Did you get the v-bands that have the lip on the inside of them so they seat properly?
  15. Politics On Politics.

    there is a clear difference between those that are transgender (or identify with a different gender) using the bathroom that they most identify with, and someone who blatantly enters a bathroom with malicious intentions. the issue arises when you lump these two groups of people together, it's just not right.