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  1. Look like we found another field to come in last: pandemic disease control


    @Yellow95 if Trump is bringing back so much money in taxes why has the deficit increased several hundred billion from 2019 to 2020? In fact, the deficit that Trump famously promised he could eradicate in 8 years has increased 50% from 2017 to 2019. It seems the tax cuts are not helping the economy. 


  2. On 8/14/2019 at 10:33 PM, Burn-E said:

    😂 Biden isn’t done. Not even close

    He better be, time go get out of the way of more progressive candidates that don't say that poor brown kids could be as good as white kids.

    Interesting to see the trade war play out as the HK riots continue. Here's to not having Tienanmen square 2.0 🍻

  3. 4 hours ago, gmsgltr said:

    Kev I thought you worked for Volvo! Is owning a Saab and working for Volvo allowed in all the fine print?

    (Nice car - gonna mod it!?!?!)

    tomorrow is my last day at Volvo, actually. I'm done with dealer life, I want to have a life again


    Only mods I would do are sway bars and maybe a mild suspension drop, this thing is a land barge. Maybe an intake too

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  4. 18 hours ago, andyb5 said:

    VVT solenoid blockoff plate. An easy option but not the best for performance though. Aaron’s tunes can have basic control of VVT on RN-swapped M4.4 cars and it makes a noticeable improvement in spool time. Go check out his latest Instagram post showing the difference in spool times on @B_Dub‘s wagon.


    I honestly chose this so I don't have to deal with the fuel lines. Interesting that we can finally now take advantage of VVT. Wondering if that's worth it for a 20T...

  5. 2 hours ago, RBoy8 said:

    With how available things are and how sweet your car is, I'd be inclined to push you to fix it. If you don't; what would you replace it with?

    That said though... if you end up parting it out, lemme know about those coilovers, K? :smile:


    I'm considering a mid 00's XC70 for a daily

    At this point, I've spent well over 10 grand on this car. This is the 3rd engine and frankly I've run out of steam on this car, I just think I'm done. I'd love to sell it whole to someone but I think parting it out would net me the most money. That being said, you should get the coilovers :lol: 

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  6. hey guys been a while since I've actually posted

    I'm at a crossroads with my 850 and I'm looking for advice: the long and short of it is that my current engine is on the way out, it needs piston rings and burns a good amount of oil. That being said, I've probably spent a bit too much on parts over the years on this thing and IDK if I should replace the engine or just part it out. It's manual swapped with a turbo flywheel/euro R clutch, 97R motor, DO88 big intercooler and radiator, 20T turbo and a bunch of other fun bits. What say you all: part it out, sell whole to a new buyer, or source a new engine and swap it?