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  1. thinking about what you're eating is the first wrong choice :lol:
  2. Bout time that foam finger of doom was gone :lol:
  3. you are my hero! :D

  4. Corn Cob pipe and 4 oz. of Rum Pipe Tobacco Such a good use of $10
  5. I seriously love my E-codes so much on my 850. Best $100 ever spent
  6. You still need to paint your spoiler black though. IMO it would look so much more beastly ;)
  7. This is my vote Not my C70, but DAMN what a nice interior
  8. Switched my pile-o-crap GLT steering wheel for a black leather turbo steering wheel. Me likey
  9. Put 35w 4300k HID's in my car. Night time driving is EPIC now :lol:
  10. Vacuumed and steam cleaned my carpets...damn they were dirty. Also, waiting for my HID's to get here so I can get them on my car already! I need to take a look at my PCV on my NA 850..... might be a good idea lol
  11. changed username from Blondetamadrummer to KeVTRoN

    the old name was...well...old

  12. From the album: 95 850 GLT 5-Speed

    80w lows 100w hi's 50w fogs :P
  13. Kevin.