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  1. Bernie's back, can't wait for the debates
  2. to be fair, our current president was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and accepted a "small loan of $1,000,000" from his father. That ain't hard work broski
  3. nice copy pasta there old man ;) interesting that jobs are coming back yet pay is stagnant. Maybe ask Ford and GM why they're laying off 10's of thousands of workers even though they had massive tax cuts?
  4. man, if you even mention a Volvo made after 1993 on the TB FB page....
  5. sounds like I need to make a visit to see the beast
  6. another government shutdown is looming on the horizon, sweet
  7. to be fair my buddy got 25k miles out of his on his Integra Type-R, did great on the Tail of the Dragon too! I love the Super Sports but they're over $100 more for the set over the Potenzas
  8. Any reason you didn't check out the Potenza RE-71R? Both offer amazing performance and many times the Potenzas are cheaper on Tire Rack 2nd amendment would like a word with you
  9. rich are just getting richer Keep America Dumb looking forward to moving to Sweden in a few years, our global reputation is trash
  10. another bump, I'd love to buy a few of these
  11. NK is back on Sessions just won't leave and somehow Rosanne is relevant again? wtf America
  12. recharged the AC on the C30, time for a new condenser
  13. tinted the C30 today, did 20% tint all around
  14. anyone else put up Christmas lights yet?
  15. Kevin.

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Andy, looks like you had a lot of patience rolling those front fenders. Both of my front fenders are messed up so I pulled them out as far as I can but I cracked the paint in a few spots Think you can fit some more rubber in there with different offset wheels and spacers?
  16. I'm no longer at BMW, I'm doing contract A/V work which keeps me very busy. I can work as much overtime as I want so I choose to work this much. Paychecks are nice and are helping build savings for a house
  17. I work 70 hours a week, no time anymore with the new job
  18. this place is so dead it's actually depresing
  19. defend it Gary, let's see what you pull out of your ass.
  20. what Gary means by no free shit for anyone includes the department of Education good to know you want the rest of the US to be the shining example of academia that resides in your home state and the surrounding areas. Republicans have done a great job with education down there
  21. again, Mormonism is a cult. That's nice that it gives you happiness Alain, I'm sure cannibals are happy too