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  1. currently reading the healthcare bill "“Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts. Have to do it,” he said then. “Get rid of the fraud. Get rid of the waste and abuse, but save it. People have been paying it for years. And now many of these candidates want to cut it. You save it by making the United States, by making us rich again, by taking back all of the money that’s being lost.” -Trump during his campaign announcement interesting....
  2. no there used to be a section in the garage for time slips but I cannot find it anywhere
  3. does anyone know what happened to the time slip page?
  4. Greg check the throttle body linkage, I would replace the little arm if you haven't already. Check the TPS and if the cable hasn't been replaced with a manual one, I would do it
  5. fancy! what shroud are you going with? Or are you putting these in the ABMs?
  6. lightly used (10k miles) Koni Oranges for the yellow and Quaife LSD for the white 850
  7. this forum is so dead it actually makes me depressed
  8. see you guys tomorrow, yay dealership life
  9. leave it to Dragos to find brand new OEM accessories on eBay Forge CBV, hopefully I'm done spending money on this car for a bit
  10. put the TME exhaust on the car, washed it, and drove 300 miles yesterday. Carlisle time!
  11. headlight trim is a little crooked there Gregory
  12. that paint is seriously clean! wheels look great
  13. currently running an ARD tune that came with the turbo. Plan is to run a Beust ECU and take it to the dyno in a few months
  14. put 50 miles on the 850 yesterday, feels absolutely incredible. I missed my car!
  15. stop light switch and reverse light solenoid, last 2 things left so I can drive the 850 safely
  16. I'll be there Saturday evening around 7PM damn, I had some beer for you to take home
  17. check the ABS rings on your axles as well as the ABS plugs on the knuckle, the wiring likes to crumble on them. Odd that you have a RR sensor fault, makes me think its bad wiring
  18. have you looked into the Corvette shocks for the rear? @andyb5 probably knows more about that
  19. got the DO88 intercooler and rad in and finished up the engine bay. Bled brakes and clutch and attached downpipe. So close! spent about 30 mins bending the tabs on the DO88 intercooler flat, did anyone else have issues with fitment on the DO88 stuff?
  20. the launch of the Pixel really made me take a long look at Android again and I've decided I'll be making the switch. Like I mentioned I am a very heavy mobile gamer and my iPhone just can't do what I need it to do for the amount of time I want. I regularly have my screen on for 4-5 hours at a time