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  1. I'm looking to get away from iPhones since I keep killing my iPhone 6 (shuts off randomly, dies at 60% battery, overheats, etc) What phone would you guys recommend for someone who is a heavy mobile gamer?
  2. I can't guarantee that my interior will be finished but the car will definitely be there. Coilovers are pretty sweet man you can take it for a drive to see what you think
  3. finished everything on the 850 except for the wiring. Holy shit first start is soon finally
  4. I was always under the impression that the S52 and M52 blocks were the same, either way nice score!
  5. Trump repealed protections for hibernating bears, so now you can shoot them. Who is this helping? Honestly?
  6. I will be there with one car and probably 2 coolers full of beer Andy bring some stuff to trade, I'll make sure I have Tired Hands for ya
  7. I'm really tired of winning, guys
  8. I hate that subreddit more than I would like to admit. Such a massive circlejerk that it made me step away from my computer after reading the comments on a few posts. Apparently cuck is a really awesome insult
  9. Republicare is going to be a hit with the older generation, they've been duped and I feel bad for them
  10. been getting the new 5 series in over the past few weeks, M550 will be here in July M4 CS looks to be coming out this summer
  11. when is Trump going to admit there wasn't 3-5 million illegal immigrants that voted in the 2016 election? Is there another word when you go past the point of doubling down?
  12. they are, but Super Sports will give you more dry grip. DW's will last longer on the whole, have better colder temp grip than Super Sports as they fall apart below 45 degrees or so
  13. LMFAO executive order to build the wall and is planning a huge investigation into voter fraud. What's next? Trump© voting machines? And he's silencing the EPA by stating every report must go through a thorough review? this is a fucking joke, thanks Gary for being conned. FUCK
  14. alternative facts are totally real, believe me
  15. so all media is fake news? Except for Fox News, of course
  16. TIL we should just let Putin run our country
  17. there is no point, his mind has been brain washed. Nothing that you and I will say to him will change his mind
  18. underlying, like how Mormonism is a cult? c'mon Alain, have a laugh for once
  19. can you explain how it's ignorant?
  20. take a look at the cabinet choices and get back to me