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  1. Hey. That is an M4.3 bin - the "T5-R" was a 1995 model only. In addition, that's the European bin - the US spec is 628 (both for automatic transmissions). If you're picking bin files from Motronic Suite, you need the ones that are 128kB. You have to be really careful with this stuff, dude. Messing this up can potentially cause catastrophic damage to your engine. Literally. Please read as much as you can, and make sure you follow instructions. If you're looking for a stock bin file that will up your power a bit, then the stock 607 (automatic) or 608 (manual) bins are as high as you can go on M4.4. Those are 236 hp from factory. - S
  2. Thanks, guys! While we're on the topic of the stock files, I stumbled across something a little peculiar. The Wiki lists a strange opening table for the 315cc injectors, where opening times have been picked up from page 44 of this thread, but the times start out at about half that of the blue/white ones. Shouldn't they be comparably longer than the rest, since they're smaller? As it is, the opening times by voltage are shorter than the 750cc ones... Or am I missing something? - S
  3. Thanks, Chuck! 👍 🙂 - S Edit: @Chuck W - that didn't actually work for some reason - VS is telling me it's not there. 😞 Any chance you have a Dropbox link or something? All I can find is the 608, now. 😞
  4. Okay - one more question. The links to the files on the M44 wiki doesn't work anymore. In addition, the ones of us that are using automatic gearboxes are kind of out of luck, since you can't just change one little thing and make the 608 maps fit for the automagic. I'm trying to get the 607 bin from Motronic Suite, but there are two of them - 0261204607_1037359868_0 and 0261204607_1037357780_0 - which one is the one I want? Or are they the same? In addition, there is no 628 bin - why is that? Thanks! 🙂 - S
  5. Thanks for the replies, @gdog & @Simply Volvo! Much appreciated. I'll start a new thread if I've got more questions - as I'm sure I will - and get started on building my own tune from the "bare bones" 607. :) It's a shame the wiki isn't being updated - it's a pretty gigantic task to wade through these almost 500 pages. I'm also sure there are a bunch of awesome bins out there that would be good starting points for noooobs like me, and might spark some enthusiasm about getting into it, instead of frustration, agony, searching and not finding and then just giving up. :D Could be worth thinking about setting up a more reliable and up to date resource, maybe, if people would be partial to that? I have to wade through all of this at least a couple of times over, and compiling a little along the way couldn't hurt. :) - S
  6. Okay, so I probably have a stupid question. Or more. I've had an M4.4 ECU waiting around for me to do something with, but my '96 855 T5 is an automagic. I've read through most of this 7100 posts thread, and still can't really seem to see that there's any consensus on making the 608 bin usable for an automatic. It kind of went from changing one little thing, to @Piet saying there's far more to it than that. So, what I'm trying to do is make a fun and reliable DD, and from what I can understand, @Simply Volvo's 608_rev5b18PSINew.bin should be a pretty good starting point. I've a 15G, orange injectors, no rear O2, and so on. So here's the question - can I simply copy tables and settings from that 608 bin to the stock 607 bin, or no? I see significant changes in many of the tables, but is there anything that would be incompatible with my beloved automatic shifting magic? In the confusing world of BINs, XDFs and ADXs, a newbie struggling to digest 7100 posts will be sincerely grateful to be pointed in the right direction for a good starting point. 😌 - S