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  1. VolvoRine

    How Your Car Sits

    ^^ love the wheels :rolleyes:
  2. VolvoRine

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Just got this in the mail Oxygen Sensor from Amazon
  3. VolvoRine

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Installed new BOSCH fuel filter
  4. VolvoRine

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Where did you get these turning signals?? I need some for my 850 Got genuine control arms both sides 1 Fuel filter for 850 1 Fuel filter for 940 expecting them on ~wed-thur :D
  5. VolvoRine

    How Your Car Sits

  6. Gastro Intestinal Test tuesday!!

  7. Cardiovascular Test Tomorrow

  8. Term 3 starts tomorrow!

  9. VolvoRine

    Arizona Immigration Law

    I personally don't agree... that law leans more to being discrimination than actually doing a positive impact in the state or society