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  1. ^^ love the wheels :rolleyes:
  2. Just got this in the mail Oxygen Sensor from Amazon
  3. Where did you get these turning signals?? I need some for my 850 Got genuine control arms both sides 1 Fuel filter for 850 1 Fuel filter for 940 expecting them on ~wed-thur :D
  4. Gastro Intestinal Test tuesday!!

  5. Cardiovascular Test Tomorrow

  6. Term 3 starts tomorrow!

  7. I personally don't agree... that law leans more to being discrimination than actually doing a positive impact in the state or society
  8. Volvospeed (Tu Madre)????? :lol: :lol:
  9. Hello There!! :D

    Welcome to V.S

    Hope you can get all the help that your car might need!!

  10. Nice bro! welcome to the crib! I'm your sibling! I have a 96 850R wagon version! hehe I just had to say that!
  11. Hey man Welcome to V.S.

    Hope you find everything you need!


  12. VolvoRine

    Black 96 Volvo 850R

    My first car! :D Volvo for life!!
  13. From the album: Black 96 Volvo 850R

    Sparks Plugs, Wires, Cap and Rotor from IPD
  14. Congratulations buddy!

    Welcome to the Volvospeed Crew!! :D

    Hope this forums help you as much as it had to me!!

    Enjoy it!