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  1. J0E

    Where Do You Work?

    I'm an Independent Business Owner with Amway Global.
  2. J0E

    Tax Reform

    I can not think of anything better than... I have not read a better post on this forum to date.
  3. J0E

    Tax Reform

  4. J0E

    Tax Reform

    Word. To add, eliminate government funding and handouts from cities with the highest unemployment, crime, Jheri Curl sales, and overall poverty. If DeShawn or LeShantae are no longer collecting welfare checks, they'll be looking for a job the next day. While we're at it, let's help out some local business owners in the area by tripling the rates and fees on pay-day loans and cashed checks. Complacency has never motivated anyone.
  5. J0E

    Tax Reform

    I love these threads! Here is a thought...tax everyone who makes under $200k at a flat rate of 40%. Make more than $200k, and you don't pay a dime in income taxes. What better incentive to succeed than that? :)
  6. J0E

    Tax Reform

    :lol: Excellent post, Chuck!
  7. J0E


    A cut in production is absolutely necessary. Not doing so is completely irresponsible.
  8. J0E

    Small Rant

    No no no...you have it all wrong. Unfortunately, you are the product of the the Republican brain-wash machine. Every morning when George Bush wakes up, he decides what the price of crude oil and gasoline will be. If he's feeling nice, he keeps prices the same. If he wants to go shopping that day, he'll raise the prices to put some extra money in his pocket.
  9. J0E

    Fannie, Freddie Mac.

    Yeah...damnit. The label on the packaging said it was supposed take effect within 24-48 hours and the entire crisis was to be solved in less than a week. I guess it didn't work. Idiot.
  10. J0E

    Just Great.

    The automotive aftermarket is strong enough to find ways around any electronic nanny. With more and more basic functions being computer-controlled, it doesn't even take a h4xor of 1337 status to figure everything out. I'm not worried.
  11. J0E

    Fannie, Freddie Mac.

    Yeah. I'd rather put my money on a prop 2 or 12 bet on a craps table. At least I could be served drinks while I lose everything.
  12. J0E

    Fannie, Freddie Mac.

    And it appears so: http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2008/10/05/ap5509671.html Looks like C will be the first stock I'll buy Monday morning. Should be good for an easy 15% intra-day.
  13. J0E

    Fannie, Freddie Mac.

    Nothing is for sure until next week, although there is a good chance of a bidding war for WB by C and WFC. I might throw some money at it Monday morning purely as a speculative play on that, but if Citi wins this battle for Wachovia and Wells is forced to end talks of the deal, the stock will crumble.
  14. J0E

    Government Bailout

    The only thing that scares me are the people like you who know absolutely nothing about this plan and what it will do calling your local representatives and voicing your opinion on why it should not pass.