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  1. no. only olive manual counts. all else fail. so you should like... do that. <3
  2. wooo andy using that R wisely! glad i started a towing trend
  3. i agree on all counts. Connor is shady to me. Stevo is straight up tells you how it is and holy shit does it work. He said if i ever want any revisions or anything let him know or if its not 100% how i want it he will fix it. Hes a great guy, and really really knows his shit.
  4. Ahh fun indeed we almost never get to do this stuff anymore we all grew up
  5. Whose this? Your parked on my schools street, Appleton st in Boston 850 Glt
  6. while im up here in burlington VT first two are pictureless. last night Ti 05+ s60R CT plates with tints and exhaust second 05+ Ti s60R VT plates and tints third fourth. pretty sure this is the guy who was really wasted and called himself the stig are carlise a few years ago
  7. nope thats an EST exhaust for sure
  8. who the hell has that nautic or tropic s70 with abms i keep passing on 93 near dascomb road in mass!
  9. its a peice of shit beater car so we dont care lol
  10. Tom.

    How Your Car Sits

    friday when only 6" were on the ground then it went from there straight into my shops garage to wait out the weather where i then took out the plow truck here's the plow truck 99 K2500 i love this truck it is seriously as clean as the picture makes it look
  11. Tom.

    How Your Car Sits

    not 500$ poor high 2K poor tho yes. don't worry not insulted took it as a joke
  12. Tom.

    How Your Car Sits

    I do usually! was just looking at something quick at brandons garage for his car and boom Glad im not alone I will, I've been as nice as i can but theres only so much i can do. Like i said many time's I can only fix what's broken when I had the car, not things that happened after the fact.. Yeah that will happen when you drift through snowy parking lots. Gotta watch out for that when I drive through snow in my car lots of snow gets jammed up there. Well I did it because the owner of the C70 seemed like a good genuine dude and it seemed like a square enough deal, plus I didn't mind losing a little in the end to help a friend. Sucks the outcome but really he nor I could have forseen any of it.. wish it was diffrent but whats done is done..
  13. Tom.

    How Your Car Sits

    Agreed. I recently acquired a 99 C70 that ended up having a wholeeeeeeeeeee slew of issues i wasn't expecting. And it sucks because it's a automatic black coupe with 184K on the ODO and a tan interior.. not desirable at all. After all this time and money I need to put into it to get it to where I can sell it I will be very lucky to break even on the dam thing. I can't blame to previous owner though because it's my car now so guess I'm going to have to deal with it. I mean most of the stuff I am finding there no way he could have known about when I got the car from him so can't say it's his fault it's just a sucky situation I will have to get myself out of. It's what happens in the used car game sometimes you win sometimes you lose. This time I lost, can't win them all, if i was expect a perfect car should have gone for something that isn't almost 15 years old Oh and here's how it sits now all sad and dirty Sadly the green wagon is sitting in pretty much the same way due to a busted radiator which I will fix at some point soon probably haha (thank god for the 240!)
  14. i wanna see it all cleaned up with the stock grill!
  15. yay so im not the only one to go through all that to fix the crack :lol: