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  1. Not having luck with the gofundme either
  2. Call me a communist, I'd be afraid to over-rev, not to diminish the excellence in this thread.
  3. How much for the dolby dash, radio, etc. shipped to zip 46077 (Indiana)?  Wish you weren't so far away.

    1. adamdrives


      I can't ship the upper dash due to the size, the rest could be shipped. If no-one local has picked it up in a week or so send me a message. 

  4. Somehow you started a blog post instead of a regular thread. But I believe the best are 05+
  5. What kind (brand, size) of tires are you using? These cars love to plow but I bet you could get more traction.
  6. Lol, your plenum definitely makes that job easier. Nice attention to detail on the build, cool to see this much power going in an auto car. Have you considered doing an accumulator mod like the rwd guys do on the aw-70s? Faster shfits, etc. iirc supposed to helps trans stay cooler by limiting bypass of fluid in shifts.
  7. How much of an issue is blowby at your power level? Does the blowby at your power level totally overwhelm the stock setup?
  8. Sorry to hear about your motor but I can't believe I just watched an 850 go 208 mph...
  9. adamdrives

    Project 95

    I miss the old wheels :( That being said this makes me want my green wagon back. Love the stance on this thing. Very laid back but well put together looking car edit, whats the rear suspension set up on this thing? TA coilovers?
  10. Can you elaborate on this method? (sorry for threadjack)
  11. Looks great! Looking forward to hearing this bad boy run