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  1. Blah blah blah. Well if the church doesn't want to be proven wrong, then why wont they give up another sample? Huh? Because it is a security blanket for people. Religion is a security blanket. Nothing more nothing less. Go ahead a believe, doesn't bother me. Just don't get me to believe it to.
  2. The "CHURCH" gave scientists what they say was the fabric that Jesus was wrapped in. The scientists dated it, and found it was only 800 some yrs. old. When scientists asked for more of the fabric, the "CHURCH" refused. If they want people to believe he is real, then why not proof it with this. Because they can't. It is FAKE, not real. However the DEAD SEA SCROLLS are a few thousand yrs. old.
  3. No I don't believe there is a GOD. Or any supreme Being. It's a load of crock.
  4. No cover, 20 dollars gone. $1 a drink. 20 drinks. Yes. I can drink liqour like it is my job. 2 full handles on Halloween. I was T rashed.
  5. Yeah I went out tonite. $1 drinks. 20 drinks later, yes I am drunk. Rum and cokes, 100 proof vodka, and vodka cranberries. Lets race T5's, I will beat you now, and always will.
  6. Yeah it Sunday. I am drunk. 100 proof vodka is what I am drinking if you care with imitation Mt. Dew. I am drinking because I can. I don't have much due tomorrow in class. I can still type very well though. 5 cups of two shots of 100 proof vodka. Lets keep it going.
  7. The death penalty should be enforced more I agree. What is costing so much darn money is keeping these people in jail. I mean Darn they have cable TV and internet service. And we are paying for it. I would like to see some other alternatives to lethal injection, the chair, etc... I agree bring back beheadings.
  8. Seven and seven's, then penny drafts, then a fe long island's, then walking halfway home. Then getting a ride in a Dodge 2500 pickup. This was a good night. I also ate before the bar, at the bar, and then after thr bar. Steak/Baked Potato/Carrots before, Burger/fries @ the bar, plain pizza after the bar for free. I want my Darn ST chip upgrade.
  9. Don't eat chili and beer, then liqour and chili. pokes you up big time likr wow.'tgfrvb z
  10. Well I grew up in a family that on certain occasions would drink good wine. So I grew up respecting alcohol. In high school I never drank. Once I got to college I did, and I liked it. I mean I am no alcoholic or anything. I don't need a drink all the time. The age thing, well I think 18 should be the age however I am 21 so what does my comment matter anyways. Kids are going to drink if they want to, that is the thing.
  11. All I got to say is if you don't like it don't read it. No one is making you read these threads. Look at the headings and if you don't like it don't read. So stop bitching about it.
  12. How much money do you have to spend? If it was me and I had the money I would get: 3" downpipe 2.5-2.75" catback exhaust (custom made, local shop) Magnaflow/Flowmaster/Borla/ systems like these