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  1. NewAge cabinets in taupe. The bad part... NLA! BTW: In the past there was a garage topic but I can't find it anymore!
  2. No more blue boxes... simple/plain brown is cheaper! :(
  3. Brand new Front Ohlins. Found them on eBay, no box & no canister brackets but definitely brand new! Never say Never!!!!
  4. DragosD

    Name Your Car Day

    October 2nd, National Name Your Car Day !!!
  5. DragosD

    VOLVO was born

    VOLVO was born on April 14th, 1927 when the first car "Jakob" left the factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Model: OV4 Produced: 1927-1929 Volume: 275 (of which 205 delivered with open tourer body) Body: Open tourer or as a chassis Engine: In-line 4 cylinder with side valves - 1944 cc / 75x110 mm / 28 bhp at 2000 rpm
  6. In 1955 the first VOLVO in North America, the PV444 was unloaded off a cargo ship at the Port of Los Angeles, bringing with it a unique Scandinavian flavor to the automotive landscape.
  7. Finally I put my hands on a brand new rear sun curtain. Part# 9204515 ...in a brown box! :)
  8. I've installed my 200,000 miles Heritage Club badge. Nice touch
  9. You have zero contribution to this topic so slow down expressing frustration. Exactly... so why YOU jump on people for asking questions?
  10. Yes Kevin, good catch. I got a replacement already. Thanks Alex!
  11. Gabriel, how about pushing from inside? Couple of 2x4 pieces and... a Bottle Jack! A little bit of Daniel's can help too
  12. '97 850R for $500. Salvage title due to a light damage in the rear. Front end is good, just a broken hood safety catch.
  13. DragosD

    Volvo 850 R

    Volvo 850 R
  14. Ha ha, not really but thank you for thinking Kevin. Fire extinguisher
  15. I have the PRO version. Overall, not worth the money!! PROS: Good blower Made in USA !! CONS: The suction is not all that great. It is getting extremely hot, very fast. Very loud. Cheap attachments.
  16. I believe someone outbid you on that one, ...or you just watched it? Probably custom made (gray color!!!), 850R wood/leather:
  17. Ha ha ha! I've got the message ! Just for you to know... my family members traditionally exceed the average life expectancy. This is why I'm taking so much care of my car, I need it for a loooong time.... Let's Race !!!