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  1. Oh, Spencer? Might as well ask while im here. You guys have any suggestions for a not so expensive exhaust option for my v50 awd? I'm looking for turboback.. :)
  2. Naw, just sitting on the couch ordering parts so I decided to lurk the volvo forums
  3. He texts me all the time, which is funny, because I never reply... hmmm...
  4. Lurking VS...hah, you cant get rid of me :)
  5. hurrrdurrrherpderpityderp

  6. to good for us... we get it

  7. You don't remember? I'm too old now...

  8. bewbs send them to me and pedo bear says hi

  9. where did you go kid

  10. you need the whole picture, your missing a bob marley poster, a retro germany sweater, a beer bong, & no pants on...

  11. no sideways hats allowed