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  1. You don't remember? I'm too old now...

  2. no sideways hats allowed

  3. oh hai robbie

  4. is yours an automatic? maybe we'll just trade bumpers...:P paint some argyle on mine

  5. wow, the censoring on this forum is awesome.

  6. manual swap the oh yeah!

  7. hoooooly stuff i want that s70.

  8. uhmmmm, your car is sexy as monkey. <3

  9. So uhhh... wtf is an 874? Haz you seven cylinders? Hmmm... Am i just drunk and can't read?

  10. merrrrmerrr

    1. Chilled man

      Chilled man

      what you dont say hi anymore ?

  11. Where'd you get a picture of my ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD? :P