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  1. Oh, Spencer? Might as well ask while im here. You guys have any suggestions for a not so expensive exhaust option for my v50 awd? I'm looking for turboback.. :)
  2. Naw, just sitting on the couch ordering parts so I decided to lurk the volvo forums
  3. He texts me all the time, which is funny, because I never reply... hmmm...
  4. Lurking VS...hah, you cant get rid of me :)
  5. You don't remember? I'm too old now...

  6. no sideways hats allowed

  7. oh hai robbie

  8. is yours an automatic? maybe we'll just trade bumpers...:P paint some argyle on mine

  9. No, it's been on all through the single digits and teens, until now. And you're slightly cute to look at, but a terrible pain to have to talk to. <3 My car started up in 9 degree's yesterday morning, without a hiccup, I was rude enough to not really let it warm up either...had to be somewhere.
  10. So guys...My snowflake doesn't light up anymore. Did it just burn out, or does it get used to it being 15 degree's and stops caring?
  11. don't make yourself sound amazing, i got rid of you cause you're too immature but congrats on the baby
  12. asshole? maybe, but not because of this getting yourself in jail? yes
  13. wow, the censoring on this forum is awesome.

  14. manual swap the oh yeah!

  15. hoooooly stuff i want that s70.

  16. uhmmmm, your car is sexy as monkey. <3

  17. So uhhh... wtf is an 874? Haz you seven cylinders? Hmmm... Am i just drunk and can't read?