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  1. I was kinda drunk wandering around Kelly Square in Worcester a few weeks ago on March 7th. Didn't even remember taking the picture until I found it on my phone, but anyone?
  2. Silver V70R with neon yellow wheels on Rte 140 near Mendon, MA earlier today
  3. Yesterday the 17th, driving through Holden, MA an XC wagon with Swedish flag mirrors and stickers on the rear windshield.
  4. I assume that was in the R forum then?
  5. Did they make an official announcement of this yet? Or even let Che know?
  6. Volvospeed10 still isn't working for me, my order is $161. The old 10% VS code still works for 10% off, but no free shipping.
  7. Yellow 850 T5-R March 18th, about 3:15pm traveling Southbound of I295 in Yarmouth, Maine. I was driving North on 295 in my black 850
  8. I never really understood the point of scholarships based solely on need. If a student shows merit and need, give them a scholarship, but if the student shows no merit at all, but still shows need they get all the money. I know I try to apply for scholarships and I am eligible for probably 2 out of 100, since they all have either race, gender, or home location requirements. Why can't I say I have a good GPA, give me money?
  9. I mis-voted on accident. I meant do make google site search the default.
  10. This past Saturday (New Year's Day) a red/maroon 1993 850 sedan completely debadged with pegs at the Rte 9 Diner parking lot. Then today a silver S60R parked in the Boyden gym parking lot at Umass.
  11. How come my sale ads don't get posted to the forum by the bot, but sale ads created after mine are there? Is there an option you have to check to get it to go to the forum as well?
  12. Clean looking white s70 with jewel projector headlights going north on North Pleasant St in Amherst today. Saw you going past Puffton Village.
  13. I saw a red 850 with two big white racing stripes right up the middle of the hood, roof, and trunk. It only had the Volvo and 850 badges, saw it new Hampshire college a day or two ago.