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  1. Some nighttime cruise pics. I just need this weather to cooperate so I can start driving the e30 and get the Volvo in the garage for some maintenance.
  2. I would - but I won’t. And here’s why: very broadly speaking, Volvo 850 owners are too cheap to pay the cost for what it would be. There aren’t enough adult 850 enthusiasts to make it worthwhile.
  3. Getting close to being able to drive this again. Only things left is to finish polishing the car after wet sanding it using the 3M Trizact products and making sure the coolant system is fully bled. Used a vacuum purge/fill tool to do the coolant this time.
  4. I use the Morimoto Mini H1 8.0 projector kit and the Acme Standard projector kit is a cheaper alternative that is the same size as the Morimoto projector. But that's what fits in the e30 headlight housings, so I guess it depends how and what fits into the 850 headlights. The 850 headlights don't have a real convenient way of doing a retrofit without considerable cutting up of the reflector and headlight.
  5. The Retrofit Source. 👍🏻
  6. The car is at least back on the ground. The nights out there have been largely broken up with the headlight side gig so work has been slow. What’s left is finishing rewiring the sub and the new amp wiring inside and then I can put the interior back together. The engine needs the intake, couple fender liner panels, brake line bracket and gauge wiring. The R has been super reliable all winter. But ready for some more work. And of course some of the headlights I’ve done. These are full retrofit assemblies that I put together.
  7. What are you? The software police? FreeCAD.
  8. 40 degrees in Wisconsin means we can wash the car outside! My shelves are getting emptier with parts going back on the e30 and it looking like a car again. I also assembled one of my headlights. Revising a couple parts on it to make it perfect, but it's a really cool feeling to see it assembled and the projector adapter fitting together like I wanted it to. I shared the products to a few places yesterday and got a lot of amazing feedback.
  9. The more I read about bench bleeding on the e30 it seems to be pretty evenly split. But I read severaly people say that with a power bleeder (not vacuum bleeder) that bench bleeding wasn't necessary. Print No. 2 came out almost perfect yesterday. My measurements for the holes were a mm off but simply enlarged them with a drill bit. The 944 booster sits flush against the firewall and pushes against the clutch hose from the reservoir. Made a 5mm spacer and it fits much better!
  10. I've read that having the printer in an enclosure to keep the entire print warm was pretty fundamental for a clean print when using ABS. I'm going to need to use it though becuase I have some parts I want to make that will see a little more heat and oil. I have an air/oil seperator that I'd like to install, but there isn't a clean route to get the hoses to it. With the printer I could make some fittings to get the hose where I want it to go. I have all the brake lines that I took off the car so I could easily cut a couple of them to make fittings to bench bleed it. So it's probably a good idea. I have a motive power bleeder and not a vacuum bleeder. But either way, that's not moving the internal cylinder at all, so if there's air in there, it may not get it out. Thank you for bringing that up. I 100% would not have done it and would have likely gotten very frustrated later on.
  11. I guess I'm not sure. It will come back out when I put on the spacer for the booster and I could do it then. Would a power bleeder not fully bleed a new master?