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  1. Keep them until I realize I have a large box full of stuff I haven’t touched in multiple years. And then I throw them out.
  2. All x70s had an SAS pump. It replaced the EGR on the 850s. The sas pump doesn’t have anything to do with your turbo. It’s for emissions. I think you really need to take a step back and take a breath. I mean no offense, I've been there, but you are overthinking the shit out of all of this. It's been leaking oil how long? You have no idea, you just got it. It could have been leaking for years...and it's been fine. An axle won't fall apart, but it could bind up if it gets bad enough. Either way, it will tell you when that's going to happen. Sit down. Drink a beer. Make a list of what needs to be addressed and just take it one at a time. Taking the car straight to a shop because you're overwhelmed with all of these things someone told you is wrong with the car (even though they've been wrong with the car for who knows how long) is going to cost you big money.
  3. These are 20+ year old Volvo’s that perform well in the snow. Why wouldn’t you?
  4. 2008 XC70 during the winter for me and the wife's 2021 VW Atlas when it's all five of us. But I've never had a problem with any Volvo I've owned in the winter. FWD or AWD. They've always been great.
  5. I finally found cars that are very good at doing what they are trying to do. But next year I'll be adding another car to the club when we're back in our house and the garage becomes my shop.
  6. New wheels for the wagon and generally driving the bmw whenever it’s nice out. I've had the bmw for just a little over 2 years now and the wagon will have been mine for 2 years in December. Crazy.
  7. All done painting and finally driving it.
  8. Ran out of primer. The driver side and roof still need a couple more coats. But, after some trial and error using an HVLP gun, I eventually got the hang of it and am overall happy with the results so far.
  9. He sets up one of these in the shop while he works. As long as you put out a couple bowls of food and water, kids are usually fine for a while.
  10. It's really cool. She has been waiting to get an XC90 in June for a few years, but was unsure with three kids and looking at other brands that offered the second row captain seats. Volvo announced they were doing it and she was so excited. If I moved on the from the wagon, I would be looking for the same XC90 you are. Anyways. Back on topic. I still have the e30. It's stripped down for the winter - patching rust holes, reinstalling and refreshing the whole AC system, rebuilding the rear subframe, all new brake lines, calipers, rotors, and pads, sound deadening the interior, wheel bearings, etc. When Katerhine gets her XC90 in June, I'll be adding another fun car to the garage (not quite sure what yet).
  11. 2020. It's the first year where they introduced the 6 seater XC90. So the second row of seats are captains. Easier to put two in the second row and the oldest in the third row. I was thinking about getting an P2 XC90, but the P3 XC70 is actually wider in the rear seat. The three car seats fit better in the 70 than they do in the 90. I was also looking at the new V60s and V90s, but same story, they're like two inches narrower in the rear seat hip room than the XC70 - which is a lot when you have to fit three car seats. So I'll be sticking with the XC70.
  12. If it was up to Katherine, she'd have a small herd of children. She stays home with them, so we don't have the ridiculous costs of daycare thankfully. And she's getting the new 6-seater XC90 this year to better accomodate the family.