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  1. Do it. It’s an amazing car. Yeah, I got a fancier OBD2 reader than the one that I had for two things: the transmission needs to have a final fill at around 40°c and then the transfer case has adaptations that get reset with new fluid. Haha. Yes, lots of wheels in my small studio apartment. Using my bathtub as a paint booth for spraying bolts. I can’t believe I did what I did in that parking garage. Wheeling my tool chest from my apartment to the elevator and into the parking garage. It’s easy to forget where you started and to be grateful with things that you have (and for significant others to allow you to take over the entire garage).
  2. Wasn’t aware that there was a name for it. Thank you. And now I understand why and how it happens and I’m glad I did the tires right away. The pic is using the wide lens on my iPhone, so it’s a little deceiving, but thank you. It’s cool to have a space that is just car and hang out dedicated.
  3. Front diff fluid, transfer case fluid, transmission pan/filter and new fluid, oil change, fixed the cross threaded oil drain plug, and new tires. New tires because fronts were new, rears weren’t, and they didn’t make the front tires in the size I needed for the rear. Car had a small repetitive shudder as it coasted to a stop. Fluid changes and new tires solved that. Next up is filters, plugs, and coils.
  4. This one has the N55 - straight six single turbo. I always compromised on my DD, to the point that whatever compromise that was would make me dislike it shortly after getting it. I understand the fuel economy isn’t the greatest, but the way it drives and feels makes that irrelevant. I didn’t look at those. I mean, I considered all my options and glanced at them on CarGurus. But the newest ones I’d be able to afford have some pretty blah interiors. RX looks like it’s a little smaller. Also doesn’t look as good IMO.
  5. Oh yeah. Granted this is one of those strollers that costs more because it folds up smaller, but yeah. So the stroller and diaper bag are always in the car. I don't know how many strollers we've bought on trips only because we forgot one since we don't always keep them in the cars. Doesn't feel like a 2015, feels a lot newer. The infotainment screen isn't touch, and that's the only thing that "ages" the tech. That came in 2018. But otherwise it has the 360 camera, backup camera, folding mirrors, nav, heads up display, etc. In sport mode the thing rips and the paddle shifters are actually really good. It does everything so well and looks so fucking good doing it. It's one of the first cars that I don't have any type of buyers remorse with. And I just stand in the driveway and stare at it. Came from a guy who had also had an E70 (previous gen) X5 Diesel with M-Sport, E46 M3, M650, and a new X7. And was selling the X5s to make room for his new M3 Comp. So it was well taken care of, and I got it for a really good price. I saw athat R-Design, too. All of them are on the east or west coast and the hassle it would take to get it back to the midwest was hard to justify for what I ultimately wanted in a new car.
  6. After driving the e30 for the couple months since selling my 850 and searching for a new daily, I more or less gave up on trying to find an R-design XC90. One, they were closing in on $20k and there weren’t any locally. Flying across country for one wasn’t worth it to me. I decided against Audi Q5s given they’re a little too small for car seats three across and they have notorious engine issues. Opted against the early years of the SPA XC90s given their cost and how terrible unreliable the first couples years of them are. Focused more on X5s. They seemed to be one of the few german SUVs that didn’t have any major issues. You can still get programs like VADIS for them. And parts aren’t crazy and they are still easy to work on. Found this X5 an hour north, which means I didn’t have to go into Chicago to get one. The guy who had it has a hoard of new BMWs and was selling this and his other X5 to make room for his new M3. So it was coming from a good dude. 2015 X5 with the M Sport package. Some other nice features on it. Drives great. New tires and brakes. Everything works. Pretty excited about it. This will be the car we use on trips and stuff. Fits three across in the back seat. The Atlas have second row captains which means a kid has to go in the third row but then you lose all of the trunk. Anyways. Sorry Volvo.
  7. Volvo OEM delta link tool. Used once. Did the job. Asking $65 shipped. About $110 new elsewhere.
  8. I made a post on the Wisconsin Volvo facebook group that I was going to be listing it and he messaged me right away. He was a cool guy. Dailying the e30 for now until I find something new.
  9. Off to its new home. Big Volvo guy. Getting it for his daughters to drive. I’m a little sad, but happy knowing it’s going to a good home, and also relieved that I only have one older car and no impending projects. My daughters were a sad and going to miss Daddy’s Red Race Car. But happy when I said we’re keeping the gray race car.
  10. Wow. That is impressive and massively respectable. Good to know!
  11. You’ve had that one for a realllly long time, right? Absolutely. It’s far from perfect. I think it has the right amount of patina to be a car that you can drive and not worry about a stone chip. But I think that’s how all cars should be. Mechanically, it’s ready to get in and drive and enjoy. What strut bar is it? Reminds me of the old IPD ones.
  12. Not holding my breath, but might be sold already. Ran home a little early today to get some pictures due to a rainy weekend coming up. That’s ridiculous. Like I love Volvos, but there are “better” cars with more tech for less. I’ll likely be looking at Q5’s primarily.
  13. Having the R and the e30 doesn't make sense to me. They're from the same era, but I prefer the BMW. Man, I always try looking for a newer Volvo for a DD, but the prices for them are insane. Like the prvious generation V60s I like. But for a 2015 with almost 100k miles they're going for $25k! And then it wasn't until the newest generation of Volvos were they even on par with other manufacturers for tech. So it's like you pay more for outdated technology. Idk. I like the P2 XC90s, and those are relatively affordable. But they're big. And I don't need/want a car that big when I'm by myself 90% of the time. I honestly don't know what I want. I just know that I don't want the 850 and the e30.
  14. It looks so good. Beautiful rainy weekend coming up to take pictures of it. 🫠
  15. Alignment and AC all squared away.