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  1. These are reps that came with the car. Good enough for me at this point in my life. Very few if any car parts have come into our current house. Now that I have adequate garage space, it really hasn't been an issue.
  2. The e30 at Road America. Whole family fits in it (for a few more months at least).
  3. Trailing arm bushing in the XC70. There's a special tool to press in a new one that runs $250+. Just pulled the whole thing and took it to a small volvo shop. In the e30 I changed the transmission fluid with a mixture of gear oil and ATF which seems to have eliminated the gear rattle from the lightweight flywheel.
  4. Tomorrow night I start working on the PS trailing arm bushing in the XC70. 😩
  5. Yup. 08 with the 3.2l. I really like it. I love the interior on these and their relatively minimalist design. Fits 2 car seats in the back with enough room for the middle portion of the rear seat to folders down to pass stuff through. And one of my favorite parts is the storage under the floor in the trunk. It's a very functional car.
  6. I posted what I was going to my wife's Volvo. To appease the Volvo Gods, wash to rinse off the salt. But more importantly, new steering wheel for the fun car.
  7. So why don't you drive it? Good lord people still say "caRs". That is the dumbest volvo thing I can think of. Doing the pcv on Katherine's XC90. I can't even. And my bmw is slowly going back together.
  8. It was broken when I went outside. No sign of impact, nothing in the car touched, nothing on the ground in or around the area of the car. I still have my headlights. it's also already fixed.
  9. XC70 didn't care for the -26° we had this morning apparently
  10. Hitch for the XC70 Lightweight flywheel and spare drivetrain for the e30.
  11. Warm enough to clean the car outside today.