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  1. The more I read about bench bleeding on the e30 it seems to be pretty evenly split. But I read severaly people say that with a power bleeder (not vacuum bleeder) that bench bleeding wasn't necessary. Print No. 2 came out almost perfect yesterday. My measurements for the holes were a mm off but simply enlarged them with a drill bit. The 944 booster sits flush against the firewall and pushes against the clutch hose from the reservoir. Made a 5mm spacer and it fits much better!
  2. I've read that having the printer in an enclosure to keep the entire print warm was pretty fundamental for a clean print when using ABS. I'm going to need to use it though becuase I have some parts I want to make that will see a little more heat and oil. I have an air/oil seperator that I'd like to install, but there isn't a clean route to get the hoses to it. With the printer I could make some fittings to get the hose where I want it to go. I have all the brake lines that I took off the car so I could easily cut a couple of them to make fittings to bench bleed it. So it's probably a good idea. I have a motive power bleeder and not a vacuum bleeder. But either way, that's not moving the internal cylinder at all, so if there's air in there, it may not get it out. Thank you for bringing that up. I 100% would not have done it and would have likely gotten very frustrated later on.
  3. I guess I'm not sure. It will come back out when I put on the spacer for the booster and I could do it then. Would a power bleeder not fully bleed a new master?
  4. That is fantastic. I'm really excited to start printing random things. My daughters keep asking me to make something for them. Thank you! I think it worked for a little bit when I first got it. The two front ABS sensors were falling apart, I tried to repair them and after that it never worked. New ABS sensors for this car are hard to find and while used ones are available, I rarely buy used for the car anymore since it is too hit or miss. I did two rallies with the car and no ABS and didn't have any problems. So it was a decision to committ to not having it and letting me clean up a lot of clutter.
  5. Doing some good stuff in here. Making good progress now that most of the wiring is getting wrapped up now that I have most of what I need. I had a handful of connectors that needed to be replaced entirely. BMW sells the terminals and connectors to replace some of them. I used these for the coolant reservoir and brake fluid reservoir level sensors. I found pigtails on ebay to replace the fog light connectors. Made a new harness with a new connector for the oil pressure sensor. But, it's mostly retaped and new loom and looks so good. The original brake booster was in poor shape and they're very hard to come by. Luckily there are lots of alternatives. One being a Porsche 944 booster. The only modification is threading the rod further down and trimming it. Larger master cylinder from a 7 series. Made my first 3D printed thing. Since I eliminated the ABS I had the ABS sensor holes in all of the hubs. So I made a little plug for them! I want to tweak it slightly - give it a little more material around the edges so it covers more of the space on the hub. But I'm overly excited to have designed and printed something that I needed for the car. I can get these for $55 made out of aluminum, but this is much more rewarding. This is printed with PLA, which is a general use filament and not great for heat and chemical resistance, but perfect for mocking up parts. I'm debating using ABS filament, which is far more heat and chemical resistant - but requires a couple upgrades to the printer to allow for higher printing temperatures. I've already upgraded the filament tube, bed springs and adjusters, and added an auto leveling attachment. Just can't leave something alone. That's all for now. The engine is all back together after replacing the water pump and timing belt and giving it a general cleaning. Up next is replacing the input shaft seal on the transmission and then that can all go back together.
  6. Picked up a new laptop to start actually making things on the printer. The Chromebook was very limiting to what I could use. Hopefully more on that soon! In the meantime - I picked up some free cabinets from a house my parents' are renovating. Slapped on an 80's appropriate counter top to stick with the 80's theme in the garage, and now I have have a space dedicated solely to storing my brewing equipment and to brew. Above the boiler I'll make an exhaust hood. But this is very exciting.
  7. Printing high quality butt plugs requires such an environment.
  8. Engine polished and the paint sealed. Enclosure for the printer with some added LED lights for ambiance.
  9. lol. I mean, it's fine, but not good enough that I would spray other people's cars. I'm still very much learning and have lots of imperfections. Which is actually OK with me because if it was too good, then I would be afraid to drive the car. Thanks! I know how that goes. When we bought this house we did some minor stuff (floors, paint, fixtures, etc.) our oldest was only 6 months old and that meant me there on the weekends while my wife was at the apartment with the baby. That was hard. Then when we were doing this renovating/addition project and then we had three (4yo, 2yo, and 1yo). And that meant me going there at night after they all went to bed. We moved to an apartment about 15mins while they did the addition. So I'd drive over there at about 8pm, work for a few hours, and get home around 11 or 12. That SUCKED. House projects with kids is infinitely harder. Back to the car. I started some cutting and polished. Mostly to remove overspray dust. Using 3" foam pads with my pneumatic polisher and it is working great to get into all the small areas. It still needs a final buff with a paint sealant to remove the little bit of cloudiness. And added a new tool to the garage! I have a couple projects I want to tackle on the e30 that I can't find what I need to do it on the internet. So, I'm going to try to make them! I have a housing coming for it to be fully enclosed and for stable temps while it's printing - two things that they are apparently picky about. The other issue is I only have a Chromebook. Most (none of the good ones) of the modeling and slicing programs are not available for chromebook. So I will also need to pick up a laptop with Windows.
  10. That's what my parents did. We flipped three houses while I was in high school. And their last couple houses they bought were pretty rough but they paid cash for them and fully renovated them. Are you doing all of these by yourself?? It's so time consuming. I took on a few projects in ours to save money. Did all of the flooring on the 2nd floor by myself - it's just floating engineering hardwood, but still, it sucked. Did the fireplace mantel/surround. Some built-ins in the living room. Finished the new basement by myself. Yeah, takes all the time away from other things. It's fun and therapeutic for only so long, then it's anti-fun and anti-therapeutic.
  11. It was an addition and complete renovation of the original farmhouse. Yeah, it was intense. Actually found the slab. Where it bumps out on both sides is the new part. The original house was only 1200sf with a kitchen, living room, kids play area, dining room on the first floor in one large space and two bedrooms and one bath upstairs. It all got reconfigured to make all the spaces more usable and SEPARATE from each other. So now we effectively have a normal sized house with appropriate size rooms, the new basement is a playroom and two more beds upstairs with the master over the carport. In the end, we got enough space for everyone, we have an awesome sized yard after buying land from our neighbor, three blocks from all the schools, and two blocks from a picturesque downtown. I got the garage and my wife got a sunroom.
  12. I don't blame you. They're beautiful. I was trying to find the picture of the slab when we picked it out but it is buried. We haven't taken any good pictures of the inside of the house yet since we've moved back in.
  13. Thank you. Looking forward to wrapping this up and then moving on to replacing the water pump on the engine and the input shaft seal on the transmission. Took advantage of Chase Bays' black friday sale and picked up an ABS delete brake line kit and a much improved over stock PS reservoir/hoses.
  14. Thank you! When I painted the whole car I threw up plastic sheeting along all the walls and used the entire garage (bigger project so slightly different). In between coats I would have to retreat to the house and then not sit on any furniture because I was covered in paint dust. This way I was able to spray a coat, sit down and watch the Packer game, and when it was time for another coat, walk into the booth. So just the experience itself was less stressful and more enjoyable.
  15. If the garage wasn’t effectively fully furnished, I wouldn’t have spent as much time as I did prepping it. But it was totally worth the extra couple nights it took to put it all together.
  16. And all primed! Now I need to wait a couple days so I can sand it and hopefully spray color this weekend.
  17. That's so stupid. There is a couple times that I've had to order over the phone and they ask the car and wheel size and I tell them it's irrelevant. But to not be able to order whatever size tire you want is dumb. What if you don't have a car and you just like ordering tires? Why do they care. It's kinda like the same thing when I would be buying random fittings, pipes, hardware, etc. at the hardware store for my car and someone asks me if I need help and what I'm working on and my response is only "you wouldn't understand".
  18. I usually get all of my tires from Discount and I've ordered non-stock sizes several times before. Is that a new thing?
  19. Sold! Am I getting old or is there no way to PM on the new mobile page?
  20. I just got this one a few months ago, so I'm pretty confident he's still making/selling them.
  21. We were considering one of those before we went with the Atlas, but have heard that the ride in them is pretty terrible from a few different people.