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  1. These finally came in the air mail today. Only took about 3 months to get and 150 bucks later but well worth it.
  2. Holy crap 2500. Man... I would of picked it up too for that.
  3. Spotted Tigray S60R with aero kit on Coldwater Canyon and Oxnard in North Hollywood,CA.
  4. Installed the latest ipd boost gauge however I have a massive flutter in the gauge that bounces around 10-15lbs. under WOT
  5. Mounted new oem 18inch anthracite pegs with sticky rubber.
  6. Just got some 18's Now time to sell the 17's and tires
  7. Spotted yesterday an sudo polestar here in LA in Burbank traveling down Riverside Dr. It was a lighter color i.e. baby blue but appeared to have the flared fenders, rear diffuser, polestar nose and polestar wheels . Could not catch him he was going the other way and I wanted to grab a photo but he was long gone. If you are on here please post some pics!
  8. Spotted a Dark Blue 05-06 S60R with ground effects kit and temp tags on it. Traveling on the 170 N by the 101/170 change in North Hollywood. Followed him for a bit then passed by and he never even noticed another R directly next to him.