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  1. Where you at? I'm catching up to you!

  2. i know what i'm being for halloween next year! now to find an orange crowbar...
  3. my mom uses these lidocaine patches for nerve issues in her back, wonder if they'd help you?
  4. eh, they're trying too hard to emulate the videography from Ken Block's gymkhana videos.. talented drivers, production just needs better vision
  5. okay. i didn't know if the manufacturer only had certain color choices, for materials. that broadens things up alot
  6. you're getting there. wait until you're hooked on singh-ray filters.. there's no going back, then. :ph34r:
  7. depends on where the impact is. front airbags are made to deploy only in front (head on) impacts, and the side airbags probably should only go when it's a direct side impact (t-bone), so if he got a front fender, or rear quarter panel, no airbags should deploy unless it's very high velocity.
  8. couple stolen from the stance thread on Vortex...
  9. pancake batter != waffle batter. but it's almost as easy as pancake batter. plus, you can freeze home made waffles, and they're even better than toaster waffles
  10. any particular colors we have to adhere to?
  11. if not the morgue.. damn. how bad is the damage? and are you feeling okay?