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  1. what i am curious , Jcviggen runing turbo int cam and N/a exhaust cam into his setup i am curious why , with 6 degrees adv on the exhaust cam ...pretty impressif his setup
  2. i am only running the intake n/a + 4 degrees and pretty happy tomorow i will advance my exhaust and see the difference ...
  3. my bad .... i read this tread since i started the tread ! i was more looking for what people set their cams ( as degrees on intake and exhaust ) and for who installed just like me only intake cam and still have the exhaust turbo , what degres they use with best results ....
  4. Hey just installed my N/A intake cam , i was wonder to get more performance out of them , can i advance or retard one of them , i kept my turbo exhaust cam , when installed both are on timing marks . any suggestions ???
  5. so then i will just put in the intake cam for now and try later with the exhaust i will see the difference....
  6. hey looking for people sugestions , just got a set of N/A cams from 850 1994 20v .... should i just change the intake or should change both on my 850 T5-R with K24 turbo ....