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  1. So there actors dressed up as navy and red cross staff? Haha yes people "need" suv's, I've never seen a muddy h2 or h3. Some people might need them and should have to apply for them. Not higher taxes on everything so no I am not kidding you. Alot of dumb sh!t should be taxed higher, like a tax on forgein goods, taxes for the rich, and dumb crap that people want and don't need. The potential is there, but as long as we have people refusing higher taxes, and keep over populating and living beyond there means then nothing will work. I talked to a engineer at CAT one time and he said in Germany he pays about 10 for a pack of smokes.
  2. I think we all realized that as soon as we popped out of the crotch. Breathing is free. FACT
  3. Bring on the higher taxes. I agree the funds have to come from somewhere, like forgein aid and our military that are a waste of money. Were was Haiti during Katrina? We should tax the hell out of booze, people that still buy suv's,large corporations, ect. The plan is there in theory but this country is run to get rich at any cost and will eventually fail. Our infrastructure is failing, the gov is openly accepting money from private interests, blah blah blah.... nothing new there, were putting our nose in the worlds buisness. One thing that would help is a one child program like China( over population is a blame on most the worlds problems) and a ban on large suv's...................... Yes they are, I've seen documentries on the red cross medical boat and they showed them getting dental work and surgeys. FACT
  4. I'm up for debate, but not when there's moronic comments like move then. Low intellegence right there. Sadly most of the forum goons can only act tough online.
  5. I also hope you enjoy seeing the navy and red cross go to third world countries and give them free care while they turn and screw us. Happy Friday and eat my D!CK
  6. Wow, way to make yourself look like a fat lazy american. Sad that you took the time to find that pic. Your dumbass doesn't even realize that were one of the only countries without a free option. I take it your fine with the fact that you have to pay into a corupte system just to stay alive or your monkey@d. Stop posting pics of your cyclopse GF as well Listen dipsh!t I'm not asking for anything, we all deserve free healthcare. Its a BS system that's set up to screw people and especially small buisness.I hope you all enjoy us getting into the middle easts' buisness, I'm sure the costs of all that mess would help us cover everyone's healthcare..... prob get a gold plated toliet too.
  7. Probably not get the coverage until next jan. I haven't had healthcare for the past two years so whats one more I guess. There saying a new plan is in thw works and to split the cost 50/50 between the employer and us. I'll just get the dental and hope that works.
  8. You guys keep visiting my page and I'll have to start posting advertisments and make some money off this site.

  9. -20 rep!!! Oh noooooooooooooo the car forum goons don't like me, wtf will I ever do?

  10. Cool, we'll call it venture capital. Yes,I am 13 and pay for my own health insurance.
  11. And a slam dunk from a retard. It's called being laid off and switching careers. So sorry I didn't take the time to spell check like alot of you clowns and mispelled on a car forum. Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  12. It's ok, I understand your upset I could pound your wife better than you could. I'm sorry she has to change the garbage at two hospitals. It has nothing to do with real life dip sh!t, it's called a f'd up system. It's highway robbery, anyone who has said some dumbass comment just supports the problems with this country. Also to whoever said it's not good to support terrorist, you know some conservatives call the founding fathers terrorists for fighting with England in the first place and not being a slave like all of us are to this stuff country. I happily support the human race, not a single gooverment or country. That's for idiots, Go wave your flag, I'll be pissing on one at the same time.
  13. You sir are a idiot! You should of said luckily you don't have to work for a small company. Incase uyou don't have a tv or news paper not everyone is hiring and alot of people have to take what they can get.
  14. Ha I hope I can meet you and beat the monkey out of you, Syaria? true intelligence right there. That's about as dumb as the mexico comment.I hope most you monkey sticks realize were the laughing stock of the world. Sold, order my ticket! I'm glad most you retards fail to realize the point that were one of the few modern countries without a free option. No here your taxes pay for the worlds biggest military and if you get hurt without healthcare your monkeyed. God bless america???? haha I support the terrorist. Atleast they don't give a monkey about apple and famous people like this ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD clown news driven country. Kiss my ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD
  15. ha it's my 850 it's my 850 getting parted and I'll galdly move out of this country, who's gonna pay?