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  1. Rims are on..thank you warm weather...bye snow tires and ugly rims :)

  2. Haha thanks, It has certainly been a fun project. But these things get addicting. Have you done anything to the xc recently?

  3. Hey beautiful! i think you do have to register on car domain you should and post your car on it we could be friends. well email me some pic's of yourself and ill do the same when i have your email. rct5r@yahoo.com

  4. hmm did my msg stop at aren't y...? stupid character limitations. lol

    well the rest of that:

    "ur after my heart aren't you...now it's time for a pic of YOU!" or something to that effect. :) ttys ...

  5. Hey there :) I couldn't get on your car domain site, do I need to register?

    Anyhow I been so friggin busy with classes I wanna shoot myself. The damn Volvo needs power steering pump and back calipers. Thing thinks Im a money tree. hahaha

    well here is my aim s/n : volkswagEn94

    im always on haha.

    and audi, vw, volvo guy..ur after my heart aren't y...

  6. Hey sorry about that i never saw your last message. I've been good just hanging here in L.A. I'm also a VW enthusiast i had a Jetta a while ago and now i have an 06 Audi A4 check out my car domain @ http://www.cardomain.com/my i have all my cars on that well hope to hear from you soon take care cutie.

  7. you've been quieeeeeeeeeeeet where are uuuuuuu lol

  8. hey !! I'm doing alright, been so busy :( ... How are you?! Tell me about yourself since like I know nothing haha...AND AND AND...I HAVE PICS OF THE XC up!!!!!!!! wooo lmao Washed her today and said I better get some pics up now. LOL!!

  9. Hey buddy how are you? i haven't seen any pic's of your Volvo yet. I'll post some new pic's of my car i painted all the emblems on my back flat black it looks stealthy. Ha ha.

  10. this car is gorgeous. wow!!

  11. i LOVE the headlights!!!! i gotta get some pics of my car up!!

  12. hey that totally made me smile to come on and find i have a new volvo friend!! haha :)

  13. Oh by the way check out my Volvo I'm going to be posting up some new pic's of new mod's

  14. I'll help you out send me some pic's i have some great ideas