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  1. Vagabond

    Off Topic: The Thread
  2. Vagabond

    Off Topic: The Thread

    I miss this man. Truly a philosopher.
  3. Vagabond

    Off Topic: The Thread
  4. Vagabond

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    Most likely. Im in Norwalk every other week.
  5. Vagabond

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    Black 850/s70 sedan with tints and load bars in norwalk today.
  6. I rode the MSD band wagon a couple weeks ago. $48 dollars from my wholesale account shipped. I got it because my coil is old, and MSD paints there coils in 601 single stage.
  7. Vagabond

    Off Topic: The Thread

    I was slow on the draw with the camera as i was doing 70+ mph, with no way to turn around in time. With that being said....... I caught sight of a Nissan GTR with a young driver pulled over by Statey JUST as a flatbed tow pulls up right in front of the GTR, and the statey writing what I presume is a ticket. Now this was on Route 9 in CT where its basically a 65 MPH highway. But for 3 exits in Middletown there are stop lights. Yes, stop lights on a highway. A highway where people generally drive 75+ mph. I can only assume this young man was cruising at a solid 80 mph through the area where the speed drops to 45 mph for all of a mile. Poor man. That flat bed would have definately fubared his bumper.
  8. Vagabond

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    That would the massive exhaust leak thanks to obx gaskets.
  9. Vagabond

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    LOL. Your car is clean kid!
  10. Vagabond

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    Obviously some douche in his moms car.
  11. Vagabond

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Today: Plugs Wires Cap Rotor Coil Grounds Exhaust Manifold AutoBot Sticker
  12. Vagabond

    Off Topic: The Thread

    the aftermarket axle i got was 36mm. i remember because i just bought a 32mm for the job and had to go back and buy another socket.
  13. Vagabond

    Off Topic: The Thread

    I dont know what the new brand is. its some low vapor crap the shop has to use now. If i remember ill check what the guys back there use on monay. I reused headliner boards both times. Foam backed vynal from jo anns fabrics in the z and 1/4" headliner material for the wagon
  14. Vagabond

    Off Topic: The Thread

    I used a commercial grade spray adhesive in the wagon. But when i did the Z i used 3m spray. Been 6-7 years now.