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  2. I miss this man. Truly a philosopher.
  4. Most likely. Im in Norwalk every other week.
  5. Black 850/s70 sedan with tints and load bars in norwalk today.
  6. I rode the MSD band wagon a couple weeks ago. $48 dollars from my wholesale account shipped. I got it because my coil is old, and MSD paints there coils in 601 single stage.
  7. I was slow on the draw with the camera as i was doing 70+ mph, with no way to turn around in time. With that being said....... I caught sight of a Nissan GTR with a young driver pulled over by Statey JUST as a flatbed tow pulls up right in front of the GTR, and the statey writing what I presume is a ticket. Now this was on Route 9 in CT where its basically a 65 MPH highway. But for 3 exits in Middletown there are stop lights. Yes, stop lights on a highway. A highway where people generally drive 75+ mph. I can only assume this young man was cruising at a solid 80 mph through the area where the speed drops to 45 mph for all of a mile. Poor man. That flat bed would have definately fubared his bumper.
  8. That would the massive exhaust leak thanks to obx gaskets.
  9. Obviously some douche in his moms car.
  10. Today: Plugs Wires Cap Rotor Coil Grounds Exhaust Manifold AutoBot Sticker
  11. the aftermarket axle i got was 36mm. i remember because i just bought a 32mm for the job and had to go back and buy another socket.
  12. I dont know what the new brand is. its some low vapor crap the shop has to use now. If i remember ill check what the guys back there use on monay. I reused headliner boards both times. Foam backed vynal from jo anns fabrics in the z and 1/4" headliner material for the wagon
  13. I used a commercial grade spray adhesive in the wagon. But when i did the Z i used 3m spray. Been 6-7 years now.
  14. Beats me. If I could I would, for other reasons...
  15. I didnt see it in my car...
  16. Yea. I thought you were going to tell me there was an odb port hiding up under the dash... :(
  17. Good to hear! I'll need to pickup that cable then. Man I love da volvos.
  18. Damn, my SRS light JUST came on last night. I dont have obd II though.