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  1. I have left the building

  2. Immaquitter

    Off Topic: The Thread tell me off for trying to do something car related yet your talking about stuff here...literally !
  3. Immaquitter

    My 850 R

    Various pix during its stages
  4. Immaquitter

    The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    Cant say for sure but a company named STERN PARNER MOTOR from Sweden makes awesome conrods...look just like these !
  5. Immaquitter

    1999 S80 T6 Heater Core Problems?

    its tricky but can be done. disconnect the lines on the engine side of the firewall.drain all the coolant...remove the lower trims on both sides of centre console and peel carpet back...some torx screws await you so get them out carefully...its a tight fit but the core can be pulled out the passenger side...have lots of rags or towels ready tho for the exra coolant that comes out of the lines....
  6. Immaquitter

    I Need Help?

    powdercoating is the only way to go...lasts longer than spray painting and heaps easier as DHV70 suggested
  7. Immaquitter

    850 Turbo No Start

    possibly check the connection plug to the pump, or then the pump itself..your battery voltage could also be low. these cars draw a lot of power when starting...they should have a battery rating of at least 600 cca...let me know how you go with it
  8. Immaquitter

    The New Guy

    cheers guys ill have a crack and see how i go....
  9. Immaquitter

    The New Guy

    Hi i just started here....i have a 96 model 850 R manual that i modified....hopefully ill work out how to put pix of my current car on here soon. Im from Queensland in Australia