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  1. https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5820/23846015781_993990e34c_z.jpg Couple of months before I sold it.
  2. Looking good phil glad to see you made out well with the car!
  3. Hey Phil! Glad my old 850 went to a good home!
  4. just have it detailed and it should come out nice. i mean it should be the same colour so shouldnt be too big a deal. its better than having filler on your car.
  5. just replace the door dude. head to the jy. no need to waste mad money at the bodyshop.
  6. good god that's a hot car!
  7. probs cancer donation?
  8. https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/228293_10151604153019363_1556723579_n.jpg Got mad mexipoke needs camber and lowering badly. Just got the car yesterday so whatever ahaha
  9. needs less meat and more stretch. nothing wrong with no fender liners. a bunch of people on here do it!
  10. yessir it's for a 940 though so it's the right size. tested it on my s70 fit fine in the back but it'd poke out too much in the front. with my adapters its et 0 all round
  11. my new wheels this is what i meant to post! ahaha