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  1. Love the dog! Boxers are one of my favorites. I also upgraded my daily to a Toyota (Tundra) a few years back. We need to get out and do some more camping... Aaron is the one tuning the car. From what I could read up on, it seems like it's a 50/50 split as far as benefits go. I gathered that the RN has shorter runners which, like you said, are better for high-rpm power, but it has a smaller plenum (I think). After the dyno run, I removed the N (N/A) manifold and really went to town on gasket matching to the RN ports. This brought my peak air flow readings from 880 kg/hr to 925 kg/hr. Meh. It's a bit less than I would think, but without first hand knowledge to the contrary, I can only speculate. As long as the car runs well and AFRs look good, no knock, I'm good with the power falling where it does. It's really hard to find concrete numbers on some of the gains that these parts provide so I'll take this as a good baseline for some future mods later this year. Before I do anything else power-wise though, I need to find an LSD... FWIW, one of the other guy's cars with a hybrid 20T, and 650cc injectors I think, made ~305 on the run before mine.
  2. Made it to the Dyno today with a few other Volvo guys. High level parts list: B5234T9 K24 japanifold Green Injectors N/A Intake + TB IPD Turbo back do88 intercooler Vast tune (COP and dual VVT) It's hard to find good info on these cars anymore. I'm very happy with the project, but curious if there's anything to be done with smoothing out the power band. Anyone know the consensus on the N intake manifold vs the RN manifold?
  3. Bitter sweet for sure. A job well done, nonetheless.
  4. I think you would be fine with a vacuum bleeder. Printing abs was tricky for me. I found that the key is keeping the printer and print bed insulated. My printer is on my desk. I just put a box over the whole setup when I print abs to keep the heat in. You have the enclosure though, so that should help a lot.
  5. Thanks! I'm not a fan of the $10 Amazon mounting clamps, but the fitting was a proof of concept type deal. There's some much nicer mounts out there typically for LED light bars. I'll order one of those at some point to replace the cheap ones.
  6. That's too bad on the accident - good thing no injuries though. I spent some time getting the nuke catch can installed. I'm using 5/8 parker superflex on push to lock an10 fittings. I modified the pcv can with a vacuum fitting and one-way pierburg check valve to pull vacuum when no boost. Ditched the PTC element. I wanted to recondition my TME strut bar that i've had for several years and a couple 850s. I started by stripping and powder coating the strut tower plates and polishing the bar. I grabbed some new stainless bolts to finish it off. I also got the air box refitted with C70 lid and 3" MAF. I'm an amateur when it comes to powder coating. I'm happy with how these came out though. I painted the front calipers. I kick myself for not powder coating them before I installed them... but I can't be bothered to go through that hassle now. The paint will have to do. Happy Holidays!
  7. Old thread: sorry My first go to for low boost, after performing a visual check, would be spark plugs. When's the last time plugs were changed?
  8. It's ironic that those first few cars can be the slowest, but get you into the most trouble, right? 😄
  9. You've got a lot of time going prepping that. I'm sure it will turn out noice.
  10. got out in the sun today - gave the car its first decent wash in ~5 years probably. got a coat of wax on it too. Motegi CM7 17x8 +38 I did some brisk driving today. I'll need to roll the front fenders. ymmv
  11. Yeah, sorry, I'm not familiar with many user's names. These actually were my third pick for a wheel. The first two picks were back ordered with no eta. I knew I wanted to go back to a 17" wheel though.
  12. They're motegis something or another. 17x8 + 38 I think... Front is great, rear could use a 5mm spacer. Tires are 215/45-17 Cooper rs3 g1
  13. Out with the old and in with the new.
  14. at this point, I'm surprised I've still got any money left to spend on this car...