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  1. no rubbing in the rear. 17 x 8 + 38 mm, + 10 mm spacer 215/45 - 17 i'm just touching the fender liners in front during spirited drives. Same wheel/tire, no spacers in front.
  2. still being a platinum...
  3. It's not perfect, but it looks like a solid, well-sorted R. This would serve as a great starting point for someone. I think your price is fair and reasonable for both parties. It has a nice sway bar too...
  4. I think you'll get your along price for this car.
  5. I think you can still get those new from Volvo for the wagon...
  6. We all know once that 'free' head space is available, something else will fill it. Never fails. 😄
  7. I hear ya' loud and clear. The photos of the house look great (I'm usually thinking about something on mine)! Take a step back, enjoy the fam, and something else will come your way.'s too bad cause I was hoping you'd design us an 850 retrofit kit. lol My 3dp experience is growing recently, so maybe i'll give it a try at somepoint in the future. My volvo is a lot like your BMW - it's not going anywhere anytime soon.
  8. When wife and kids come into the conversation, more than one tinkering car is too many. Car looks good though - should sell quick.
  9. Results are looking great. Everything is lining up, but I'm sure I'll need to tweak the elbow.
  10. VVT hubs are worn out on the car. Oil leaking at the cams, and a bunch of slop - especially the exhaust. New ones on order. I was able to get my battery rotated sideways, but ultimately decided it just needs to go in the trunk. I've got some 1/0 marine cable and terminals to run it out back. This frees up a bunch of room up front for intake options. I'm going to try and retro a P2R air box into the 850. I'm still using 940 MAF, so I printed an adapter to take care of that. I'm going to make my own intake pipe to the box. I'm also going to work on printing a large snorkel for the box that will connect to the bumper inlet with 3" hose.
  11. Yours is the best example of an R wagon that I've ever seen. ...just don't park it on the street... Geez
  12. We can post again.
  13. Washed the car - got the new printer setup and printing the first adapter.
  14. It is a very good printer. The ender 5 plus allows me to print much bigger parts though. I think the mini is an awesome entry level printer that was great to learn on and get to know what's what. Now that I have the experience, I got the new printer up and running in a bit over an hour taking my time. It wasn't a replacement, but more of an upgrade. ...I will say the new ender is much louder than the prusa. I'm going to have to build a cabinet to put it in.