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  1. It weighs enough that you should find someone to help.
  2. Yours is the best example of an R wagon that I've ever seen. ...just don't park it on the street... Geez
  3. Holy crap. Any local business have cameras facing the street? Should be pretty straightforward to figure out. First, verify fuel and spark are present. The rest should fall inline. Nice car though.
  4. Starter doesn't even click? It's the ground wire to the solenoid plugged in - it's the little green wire with spade terminal. Attach some pictures if you can. Check for voltage drop across the main positive lead to the starter.
  5. We can post again.
  6. Washed the car - got the new printer setup and printing the first adapter.
  7. It is a very good printer. The ender 5 plus allows me to print much bigger parts though. I think the mini is an awesome entry level printer that was great to learn on and get to know what's what. Now that I have the experience, I got the new printer up and running in a bit over an hour taking my time. It wasn't a replacement, but more of an upgrade. ...I will say the new ender is much louder than the prusa. I'm going to have to build a cabinet to put it in.
  8. Sold the Prusa to a co-worker at the office today, and took off to microcenter on my lunch break.
  9. K24 with billet 11 blade compressor wheel measuring 54.50/68 and a 9 blade turbine. I joke with myself saying that I'm building this thing for a 3071r... The do88 rep is giving me a really hard time about this issue by blaming it on something else... The air box. I've sent a handful of emails so far. The last email was basically 'hey look how much of your stuff I have bought for my car. This part is not doing what your product page advertises it to do. Give me a refund or I'll take it up with my credit card company.' I went ahead and ordered the pipe from Kristian nonetheless.
  10. I plan to do this as well, but I'm going to turn my battery sideways and take some measurements for an aluminum battery box/hold down ala stanceworks. That will give a bunch of room for a large filter, and build a box with an inlet on the bottom to grab the cool air from the bumper inlet deal. Kristian answered my email today - he can do the 3" with a 3/4npt bung instead of the PTC for a k24. For anyone yet to order, I would recommend the pipe fitting (or see if he can do an AN ORB fitting) and do away with the PTC all together. He said lead time was ~7-10 days out. No price yet, but it's not like it really matters at this point. I'm having conversations with do88 over my disappointment on the inlet pipe. I'm hoping to get a refund on it. You can see in this graph, air flow plummets around 5000 RPM in every gear as the hose collapses. In other news, I did a log on the way in this morning and managed 1086 kg/hr!
  11. Damn. The car seems happy with the cover filter on it, for now. I would really like to run the air box, but I'm not sure if I can anymore. Perhaps Aaron will have some good insight for me. The car is doing ~1005 kg/hr after some driving today.
  12. I shouldve done that from the start. I've got one of the early (~2011) snabb pipes, but was never a fan of how the PTC fit. it was so sensitive that bumping it, it would fall out, so I thought i'd try the do88. I sent them an email, I'm going to try and get a refund on it. I've got an email out to Kristian to see if he can make me a k24 pipe with a 3/4 npt bung instead of the ptc fitting.
  13. Time to order some more parts... Car is back together and running great with a cone filter on the MAF, ~980 kg/hr. If I run the airbox, the do88 silicone intake pipe collapses and boost drops to ~12psi at ~4800 RPM in ever gear.
  14. Kind of... I took a photo of the OE grill with my phone and used illustrator to create an image trace and SVG. I imported the svg into fusion and scaled it based on some other details. It's close, but not what I am after yet. There's also probably some issues with how I'm using the sketches in fusion. I'm still learning the software - this is the most complicated piece I've made yet.
  15. getting closer... There's some tweaking that still needs to be done to the grill so that it fits the bumper better...
  16. @gmsgltr check your pms The adapters are glued together with a layer of fiberglass. I'm printing a prototype of the grill now: Also cleaned up the japanifold; flatened the flange to the head with my belt sander and cleaned up the collector.
  17. Are you using a 'kit' to do yours? Would you mind giving me any recommendations? Thanks,
  18. Where do you get your projector parts from? I'd like to do something like this with the low beams on my 850.
  19. I had a good idea to find a boost leak today... and then blew the RMS out of the car with ~10 psi of air going into the engine. oof. lol.
  20. I'm certainly not looking to make money on this project, more of just a tinkering thing. That being said, I'm going to make one more revision in the design and switch over to abs. Once that looks good, I wouldn't mind printing an extra. I'll let you know.