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  1. If its alright with John, I can just pick mine up from him. Or, for the sake of keeping things simple, I can go along with the shipping prefferences of the majority. Either way, I've yet to send final payment for shipping. I'm assuming you'll pm me with details when its necessary. Thanks again for your hardwork!
  2. Lots of work put into this car over the past few months. I'm really enjoying the car again.
  3. I understand. No hurry from me - take your time. Life is important, too.
  4. I would like mine to be switchable please. option #3
  5. Wow. I'm with the other jealous guy.
  6. I would just reseal the pump. I wouldn't worry about replacing timing components either. I've been fighting a leak in the same vicinity lately... I may have it resolved, but I need to take the car in for alignment before I drive much on the new tires. Do the job on a cold engine, Jack up just the passenger side, and I would think most oil should gravitate to the opposite side, spilling very little... At least that would beat covering the car in oil. I've been really concerned with contaminating the rubber in the right side mount, causing premature failure... Shared you get the hose for the oil lines?
  7. I haven't ever bought a whiteblock outside of the car before. However, I've bought many used japanese engines, all from overseas where maintenance history and mileage was most commonly, not available. There were a few things I would check when eyeing a prospective purchase. I'd open the filler cap and have a look. If there's an excessive amount of sludge it suggested possibly a lack of regular maintenance and/or high mileage. Check the outside sealing areas for leaks. If you see none - great. If you see a large leak, that tells you the owner either a) did not know enough to care/check or b) they did not have any inclination to repair (suggesting lack of maintenance again) Of course if that looked good, I'd finish with a compression and/or leak down check. The valve guide seals are not extremely difficult. If you could safely remove and install the engine, I'd say there's a good probability that you're capable of doing the seals. IMO, the scariest part of that job is the timing belt - getting it installed correctly (which is not much in itself). Like stated above, the only thing I'd probably do to it before I put it in is the rms. Regardless, good luck!
  8. You know, I'll play devil's advocate... I'm all for preventative maintenance. I'm also all for saving money. If there is no plan of investing a large amount of money (if you're contemplating whether you want to spend the few hundred dollars to do the valves, assuming you don't have the spring compressor already, you probably aren't), then pull the cover and check the belt. If it doesn't look like its going to pull the teeth off the next time it moves, then put the engine in and get it running. Once you're able to confirm it runs well, go back and put the belt on (IMO, this is not a difficult job at all in the car). IMO, if you're not pulling the head, the difficulty is not so much greater as to even remark, with the engine in or out. If you were pulling the head, do it with the engine out.
  9. This is my life right now. When I had the pan off to replace the sump o-rings in my car, I pinched the o-ring for the oil thermostat ever so slightly. This wasn't enough of a leak to drip, but it did wet the bottom of the pan. Like you, I also replaced the front crank seal, and the oil wasn't that high up, so I went back to the thermostat. I did notice when removing one of the two fasteners for the thermostat, there was oil on the threads of the bolt. Because the fasteners are placed outside the o-ring, the presence of oil there confirmed the oil leak's location. Initially, I coated the o-ring in grease, but it must have shifted slightly during installation. On the next attempt, I let the car sit overnight with the thermostat off the car - allowing any oil to drain. Then I cleaned the area thoroughly and coated the o-ring in a tacky layer of RTV sealant... thinking this would better hold it in place. So far so good... with the oil leak anyways. LOL!
  10. Valve guide seals... I don't know if I would go through the hassle if they don't appear to be leaking (and assuming it hasn't been sitting for some time). I will disclose I've done a number big repairs to my car lately, so I'm really out of the 'like' to fix anything that doesn't need it. With that said, most people here recommend Volvo OE seals. Apparently there's a high failure rate with aftermarket seals. I personally, used a Victor Reinz kit about two years (~40k miles) ago, and haven't had any issues. I've seen first hand, people using a socket to install the seals. I would not do this, because it creates probability for damage and subsequent failure. Where'd you source the engine from? I'm thinking I'll be in that market soon, with nearly 300k on mine...
  11. I'm very interested as well. Add me to the list, please.
  12. What a great feeling it must be, to complete all of those repairs at once. ...and of course, now you get to focus on what's left. Eh. I have had really strange no-start issues with faulty fuel pump relays. Usually, its after a good drive and restart, that the car won't start. After the first time, I disassembled the relay and found faulty solder joints. I repaired the relay and keep it in the car now, along with a handful of other failed (and repaired) electrical parts... lol.
  13. Too bad about the evaporator. I just wrapped up a heater core job on my 850. I installed new hoses, a Behr heater core, and new firewall junction. My Behr heater core did not come with new o-rings. I was able to get them locally, but I'm fortunate enough to have a good source close to me. If I was ordering on line, I'd order extras just in case.
  14. Yes, you are correct. I don't know how I was mixed up with that...
  15. Rule of thumb, is normally, loose valves cause noise (as the tappet comes off the cam/rocker arm). However, I have had personal experience with tight valves causing noise (though, not on a Volvo engine). With that, I'll give you some maybe-not-so-necessary advice. Try to get your hands on a stethoscope. You will use it now, and forever, when attempting to diagnose a noise. When I'm hunting a noise, one thing that I observe is the pace of the noise. The faster pace (because camshafts turn faster than crankshafts) points in one direction, and vice versa. Since you're into the top-end of your engine, I'll assume you've heard what a loose valve sounds like. Is the noise similar? Usually, when my ears hear a top-end noise, I would describe it as a clank. When I hear a bottom-end failure, I would use the word clunk - there's more metal behind the noise.
  16. Fwiw, whenever I've had to install keepers (in any head - including these), I've found it pretty easy using a small, thin flat blade screw driver and dipping the tip of the screw driver in a bit of assembly lubricant (something with a grease like consistency) and just letting that hold the keeper. Like this, I've never actually lost a keeper, in a head. Do you have a mechanic's stethoscope, to hopefully, get a more accurate location on the sound?
  17. People buying these RZR 1000 crews are paying more for their machine than I pay for my house/per month (I don't live in a shack either)... and they're usually broken or need major repairs within the first six months.
  18. My poor, Bandit - only good for toting the front wheel. I don't get to ride nearly as much as I'd like (needing a car seat 24/7)... I bought this bike from the dealership I was at up North, for $1500. It came in as a trade and needed some attention in a few areas. It was cheap, and keeps me on two wheels. It sits in the garage now, but I refuse to sell it - I've gone without before, and won't do that again... even though I get to ride other bikes all the time (as a technician).
  19. Sorry about lighting here. This is a platinum 96... so, pearl white. little baby arms live off to the side of garage along with second set of Titans...
  20. ...A lot of work still to do on this old car, just typical stuff... and a few nicer things. It's been at least a year since I last waxed this car, but paint seems to come to life with a thorough clean and fresh coat of Meguiar's. I've got to do some maintenance items over the next few weeks, as well as springs, and getting my R bumper painted... Excuse the mess of a bumper, it's all in due time. OBX was fitted a few weeks back. Sound is ok, a little loud for my tastes. I had to do something about the tip. I approached it the easiest way I could think of. I cut the tip, expanded it to fit snug over the remaining pipe and put two tack welds to hold it in place. Ended up with this: I painted my second set of Titans. They don't look perfect, but much better than before... and it does need more low.
  21. <a href=";current=feb2012.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> 20mm spacers in back, OEM Titans and fender lip rolled. <a href=";current=IMG_0932-1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> Couldn't remember which code...
  22. This. Though I wanted to work on motorcycles, and build choppers before OCC was around, it's not helping now. ...Though, I did just get hired over the phone at a dealer across the country, now I'm selling most of my things and packing up my wife and two month old daughter, to go live the dream... again. B)
  23. Sure, honest answer or criticism... won't hurt my feelings. My wife employed the lady after we met (I work on her husbands three Harleys at my house), and wanted to do some pictures with our new baby. Bottom line: My wife's happy with the pictures, so that makes me happy with the pictures. But, besides that, what do you think?
  24. More dog pictures, forgot about these... (dog in the street walking by)
  25. Baby shots, better late than never. Some are mine, and some belong to a friend ( ) Mom and baby Daddy (me) holding baby (small baby + big hands) 5lbs 10.6oz Nursery plus scale The (seeming so ) obligatory dog shot: There's hundreds of baby pictures, thanks to my wife... but I don't think everyone would like to see everyone, so just shared some of my favorites. If you can see any difference in quality, it's because pictures I took were with a Rebel and pictures Lesa (owner of the company above) uses a D3X. So, what do you think? Typo: Thanks