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  1. DevolvR

    How Your Car Sits

    It's actually been awhile since I've posted on here on VS. Maybe like 4-5 years. What's been happening? How's Che? Hussein?
  2. DevolvR

    How Your Car Sits

    Looks great, the gold accent on the wheels really match the new color, wish this was a wrap instead. I can see even in the photo that the pearlizer and the plastidip isn't very even all the way through, you can spot some darker areas on the driver door(below and around the handle) and the front bumper.
  3. DevolvR

    How Your Car Sits

    Yep, they were running / still running 235/35/19. Bridgestone Potenza RE760. Very nice S60 you had! that blacked out B Pillar, maybe I should do it too.
  4. DevolvR

    How Your Car Sits

    007 with anything is instantly cooler But yeah, there's subtle differences with any bolt pattern modification as the PCD is larger or smaller. Most wheel companies don't make a big deal out of it, maybe BBS does. I wasn't aware of the "007" codename for 5x108 but that's good to know Here they were when I had them last mounted on my R. how it sat at Carlisle 2013 No CKs anymore, but I hope it still looks as good Oh and excuse the reddish tones of the supposedly Grey car, it was parked next to Dan's R (R MOOSE) and his overwhelmingly Passion Red is bleeding into my car.
  5. DevolvR

    How Your Car Sits

    Or simply. BBS CK Looks great on the 855, actually, it looks good on any car.
  6. DevolvR

    How Your Car Sits

  7. DevolvR

    Volvo S60 R

    Volvo S60 R
  8. DevolvR

    Project Pras

    Finally seeing progress on the this legendary 855 Looking at it now, definitely something funny about the front bumper (which I thought was perfect years ago). Needs a lip or something to finish it off.
  9. giddy about the new wheels...

  10. DevolvR

    Funny Gif Thread

    C'mon no new posts??
  11. DevolvR

    How Your Car Sits

    A few more pictures, more fancy pictures, before the winter blues... really trying to hold off on those Winter wheels, but they will be going on this weekend.. oh and TFIVEM, I would love to meet up with you some day. Your tastes in cars is similar to mine, and I love what you've done with your V70.
  12. DevolvR

    How Your Car Sits

    less instagram...
  13. DevolvR

    How Your Car Sits

    More whoring from the meet this past weekend. thanks Mike
  14. DevolvR

    How Your Car Sits

    Probably going back to Winter mode next weekend. Likely the last time these wheels will be mounted on the R too. Also got a spare set of front struts to play with, can someone say... MOAR LOWER?
  15. Need a photographer...