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  1. DevolvR

    giddy about the new wheels...

  2. DevolvR

    Need a photographer...

  3. DevolvR

    CKs back on...

  4. DevolvR

    Everybody is saying "CK! CK! CK!". Fine!

  5. DevolvR

    Frozen Grey

  6. DevolvR

    HD Lip? Need some scrape protection

  7. DevolvR

    New winter setup...

  8. DevolvR

    Plasti-Dipped R38s for Winter.. wonder how it looks

  9. DevolvR

    Plasti-Dipped R38s for Winter.. wonder how it looks

  10. DevolvR

    PlastiDipping Wheels...

  11. DevolvR

    GTA Meet!

  12. DevolvR

    GTA Sept 18th meet!!!

  13. DevolvR

    new LED lights for the R, frickin awesome!!

  14. DevolvR

    black HOVA lights are in... real purty :D

  15. DevolvR

    870R is coming along! 5Ks HIDs waiting for the black jeweled S70 lights

  16. DevolvR

    gonna be doing HAWK HPS, with SS lines and Super Blue for the R this weekend

  17. DevolvR

    looking for 98 R Metric Cluster...

  18. DevolvR

    LOL we were there a quarter to noon... so we just missed you! infact, we were supposed to meet there at 12 noon. so you left too early!

  19. 850princess » DevolvR

    i did go on the cruise! my rocket stick went down and i didnt know the meeting place had changed so i ended up cruising by myself up to wasaga and then when i was leaving i saw some of you guys pass me lol i have pics too of how lonely i was lol

  20. DevolvR » 850princess

    Heya 850Princess, I sent ya a message :D Wonder if you could help me out?